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Reload your Navigo Pass with an Android smartphone

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It took a while, but the Ile de France transport union (Ile de France Mobilités formerly STIF) has just launched the dematerialized ticket on smartphones. It's a small revolution that may make your life easier. We are explaining to you today how to recharge a Navigo Pass directly on your smartphone without queuing at the counter or in front of a terminal..

Buy your ticket with your phone

Ile-de-France public transport switches to dematerialized tickets. This new system allows users to buy a ticket, ticket books or recharge their Navigo Pass from their phone without leaving their home. And important detail, the smartphone can also serve as a transport ticket, when placed on a control terminal.

But don't think this is a world first. The public transport networks of several large cities (London, Tokyo, etc.) have been offering a dematerialized payment system for several months..

Before you jump on your phone, you should know that the paperless payment service in the Paris region does not work with the iPhone. For the moment this system is reserved only for owners of Android smartphones. And still not at all.

Vianavigo compatible phone

Before you start, you will need to check if your device has the NFC connection. For this you just need to do a quick manipulation on your smartphone. The latter is explained below..

  • Open your phone settings
  • Click on Connected devices image
  • Select the connection preferences section
  • Press the NFC switch to allow data exchange when your phone is in contact with another device image

If this option does not appear, your mobile may not have an NFC chip. Do not hesitate to consult the user manual of your phone or go to the manufacturer's site.

Reload your Pass with the Vianavigo app

Are you looking for a solution to end the endless queues outside the RATP terminals every month? Do not search anymore. The Vianavigo application allows you to buy tickets or to recharge your Navigo.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Download and install the Vianavigo app
  • Launch the RATP app
  • Press the purchase tab
  • Then select the option to buy and reload your tickets on your Navigo Pass
  • Then put your Navigo Pass on the back of your phone so that the application can authenticate it
  • In case of detection problem, remove the protective cover used to protect your phone
  • Once your Pass is recognized, the application will display the different offers offered for sale (day pass, weekly subscription, month)
  • Select the offer of your choice
  • Enter your bank details to pay for your ticket
  • Put your Navigo Pass one last time on the back of your smartphone to recharge it

In addition to avoiding wasting your time at the counters or terminals of the RATP, the Vianavigo application will allow you to know the transport schedules but also to save money. As a reminder, the dematerialized T + ticket booklet is sold for 14.90 euros compared to 16.90 euros for the paper version.

Note that the Navigo subscription certificate allowing employees to be reimbursed 50% of the price of the transport ticket by their employer will be automatically sent to your mailbox. It will suffice to return it to the accounting department of your company to benefit from partial coverage.

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