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How to Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite Before Its Official Release

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Already postponed several times, the launch of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game will probably not take place for several weeks. But may the most eager be reassured. The video game publisher Niantic has just released a beta version of its new augmented reality game on the New Zealand Play Store. Here is the complete procedure to install this Harry Potter Go on your phone and whatever your place of residence..

Download the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game before its official release

With the launch of Harry Potter Wizards, the Niantic studio intends to renew the success it has obtained with Pokémon Go. To succeed in this difficult bet, the publisher has used several ingredients from its prestigious elder, starting with the collection system for 'artifacts (objects and magic characters) on a virtual reality map.

But rather than getting bored with the different features of the game, let's see how to download the beta version of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game on his device. image Unfortunately as you already know, this version is currently only available in New Zealand and therefore remains in principle reserved only for people living on the Kiwi Islands..

But as we will see right away, there is a trick to manually recovering the Harry Potter Go Android installation file (APK) . Before launching into the installation, I draw your attention to the fact that it is a beta version. This means that the game may contain some bugs and that most of the menus will be displayed in the language of Shakespeare.

More annoying, when launching the game, you may find yourself in front of a completely empty Map. It is therefore impossible to recover any magic object. This is explained by the fact that Niantic does not offer treasure maps for our territory. Obviously the situation will be quickly corrected during the official release of the French version of the game. Given the precision of the mapping on Pokémon Go, there is no doubt that Harry Potter will benefit from such an extensive geolocation function..

Install Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you're one of those Harry Potter fans eager to take on other wizards, here is a tip to install the game in a roundabout way before its official release. To do this, simply go to an APK (Android Package Kit) file download site like 01net and look for a copy of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.

image Once the file has been downloaded to your smartphone, you will need to change the settings on your device to allow unknown sources. You will find more information on this page: install an application using an APK.

Please note that this maneuver is not without risk for your smartphone and your personal data. You must first make sure that the downloaded APK file does not contain any viruses.

  • Then launch the game on your phone
  • Create your wizard avatar using the sensor on the front of your smartphone to take a photo of yourself (selfie)
  • Then choose your house at Hogwarts, a profession and your magic wand (you can change these parameters at any time during the game)

Reserve your username before everyone else on Harry Potter Go

The enthusiasm for the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game proves once again that the publisher Niantic has hit the nail on the head. Artifact hunters should be very numerous once the official version is available on the Play Store.

Even if no date has yet been announced for Europe, the official team in charge of developing the game have made it known on the internet that users can reserve their wizard name. As always, the first come first served rule will be applied. Do not be too long.

  • Go to the Niantic publisher's website https://nianticlabs.com/hpwu-codenamereservation
  • Click on the button Use my nickname Pokémon Go
  • Then select the type of account used to connect to Pokémon Go (Google, Facebook, Pokémon Trainer Club or Niantic Kids)
  • Enter your login ID
  • Select your trainer name for the Harry Potter game

Your name is now reserved. No one but you will be able to use it in the future augmented reality game based on the universe of the young wizard Harry Potter. Note that the publisher has also just put online to be notified when the game is available for your smartphone.

  • Open the Play Store app on your phone
  • Click in the search form to trigger the opening of the touch keyboard of your device
  • Type Harry Potter Wizards Unite
  • Click on the pre-register button image

Now you just have to be patient. Pre-registration will allow you to get early access to the Harry Potter game.

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