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The 20 funniest questions to ask Siri

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You may not know it, but the voice assistant Siri has a great sense of humor and a good dose of self-mockery. So to have fun and have a good time, here are the 10 funniest questions to ask with Siri. Please note that the voice assistant on your iPhone may surprise you..

Siri's best jokes

Are you alone at home and worried about getting bored? There are of course a plethora of fun activities: watching videos, shopping on the internet or listening to music. To cure your boredom, you can also toy with the assistant of your iPhone.

No one presents Siri anymore. Apple's voice recognition system, which appeared in 2011 when the iPhone 4S was launched, is now available on all devices branded with the apple brand (HomePod, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch and of course iPhone)..

This virtual assistant has revolutionized the way we communicate with our mobile terminals. It can be used to find the title of a song, send messages or read text aloud. This workaholic can also help you have a good time.

20 fun things to ask Siri

For people like me who are afraid of being bored, I offer a selection of funny questions to ask Siri. And as you will soon realize, The voice recognition system of your smartphone does not lack humor..

  • Siri, are you my father?
  • Who came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Siri, tell me a poem
  • What is the meaning of life ?
  • Siri, Beatbox
  • Where's Elvis Presley?
  • What do I look like ?
  • Why are the fire trucks red?
  • Mirror my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?
  • Siri, what are you doing tonight?

As you will quickly see, this virtual friend turns out to be fun, funny and sometimes even sarcastic. Keep in mind that the answers given may vary over time. Apple regularly makes improvements to its virtual assistant. Here are 10 new questions to ask Siri to help overcome boredom.

  • Tell me a funny story
  • Why are you vibrating?
  • Hello Houston, here the earth
  • Would you marry me ?
  • Are the archduchess socks dry or dry?
  • Do you have a boyfriend ?
  • Can I kiss you ?
  • Tell me a bad word
  • What is Star Wars about?
  • Siri what is your favorite number?

Useful tips for Siri

Siri is not just about jokes. The virtual assistant offers a set of very useful functionalities to save time in your daily life. For example, you can use it to schedule a task, find its way, make calls, send messages or set an appointment.

But Siri is full of other functions that are generally totally unknown to the general public. It is certainly the most underused iPhone feature. Here are some commands that you should learn to memorize.

Ask Siri to give you local information

Are you looking for a site to follow news from your region or city? Are you lost among dozens of applications dedicated to information available on the App Store? Why clutter up your phone memory with these tools, when Siri can do your personalized press review in seconds.

You have nothing to do but say the sentence. What is the news at (followed by the name of your city)? It's that simple. Siri will then take care of displaying all the news relating to your municipality.

Spell checker

Do you hesitate about the spelling or the plural of a word? The French language is full of small traps. Its convoluted rules, its grammatical quirks have made it one of the most complicated languages.

If spelling is not your strong point, don't panic. Siri offers to give you the exact spelling of the word of your choice. This will allow you to correct mistakes in your messages. To do this, you just need to say the following command: how do you write the word (add the word)? These are all reasons not to deactivate Siri on your iPhone.

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