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Force use of power saving mode on an iPhone

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IPhone automatically activates power saving mode as soon as the battery level drops below 20% remaining power. Although very useful, this device is automatically deactivated as soon as the charge level reaches 80%. Here is a method to keep the power saving mode active on your iPhone at all times..

Preserve the battery life of the iPhone

The low consumption mode was developed by Apple engineers to extend the autonomy of the iPhone by a few minutes or even a few hours. Once activated, the phone will block various features in order to reduce its power consumption.

For some completely incomprehensible reason, the power saving mode is automatically deactivated as soon as the iPhone battery reaches 80%. This is all the more unfortunate as this function can greatly improve battery life while enjoying a fully operational device..

Rest assured, there is a little trick to get around this limitation and keep the energy saving mode active on your iPhone regardless of the battery charge level. Here is the method to perform this sleight of hand.

Automatically activate iPhone power saving mode

By default, when the battery of your iPhone reaches the fateful bar of 20% of remaining autonomy, you will see a notification appear asking you to activate the energy saving mode..

This alert will show you the list of different features that will be temporarily disabled, such as background refresh of applications or automatic receipt of emails. Here is the full list

  • Reduced iPhone processor speed. IPhone performance will slow down in order to save battery
  • Most applications running in the background like messaging will no longer update automatically. You will therefore no longer be warned when a new message arrives. You will have to do this manually by opening the application
  • Automatic application updates are paused. Likewise, power saving mode suspends iCloud photo backups.
  • The voice command listening mode is deactivated. By saying the famous phrase Hey Siri, the personal assistant of the iPhone will not be triggered.

If you don't mind these usage restrictions

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