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Clinic management software: what it is and how it can boost your business.

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Requirements of a good clinic management software
Nubimed main features

When we decide to take the step to open a business or to optimize our current business, it is very interesting to pay attention to what new technologies can offer us. For this, it is essential to know the needs of our business. For example, if we are owners or managers of a medical clinic, you should know that you can streamline and optimize the appointment system thanks to a clinic management software.


Clinic management software is an application, software (or computer system) that helps you to concentrate all management tasks as well as manage all the information related to the operation of your clinic. It is specifically designed to streamline and automate common business management tasks..

While a small, low-volume clinic could function well using traditional pen-and-paper systems, most practice owners find that they are much more efficient and professional once they decide to use management software.

Instead of having separate patient records, treatment notes, appointment calendar, billing and everything else related to your business, you can keep all this information in one place in one integrated way. Furthermore, clinical management software can make many tasks significantly more efficient, such as appointment reminders, writing treatment notes, etc..

Today we can find a large number of clinic management programs or solutions that offer different tools and functions. However, choose the right manager, capable of covering all the needs that our business has; it is already more complicated.

In general, regardless of the size of your clinic, we can affirm that a management software should provide a minimum of options and tools to improve the operation of the business, such as:

Requirements of a good clinic management software

a) Make sure data management is correct and secure. That is to say that it complies with the regulations: LOPD and RGPD

b) Easy to use not only by the owner but by all the professionals who will have access to it..

c) That the functions of the management software are similar or can be adapted to the workflow of your clinic.

d) Offer patients to make appointments electronically, for example through the internet.

e) Multiplatform software that allows you to manage your clinic from any device

f) The program must allow you to add all the parameters desired and used in your clinic in the creation of patient records and records.

g) That it has a general and employee accounting system.

h) Ensure that the chosen system is safe enough to handle and store confidential data without it being hacked or stolen.


Well, if you are looking for a management software for clinics or medical offices that meet all the aforementioned characteristics plus many more, from downloadsource.es we recommend the use of Nubimed.com which is currently considered the best clinic management software .

Among the functions that Nubimed makes available to its clients with the aim of improving the global and specific functioning of your clinic or medical consultancy we will find:

Nubimed main features

1. Ability to grant appointments, recurring appointments and even online appointments.

2. Possibility of setting alarms or appointment reminders through SMS text messages.

3. Waiting list function in which you will see the patients waiting for the estimated time for their consultation.

4. Filters applied to patients to sort or classify them based on a specific characteristic. You can also assign actions to be carried out on each patient / client.

5. Detailed accounting of your business including invoices, payments, income, costs, cash registers and even returns to patients.

6. You will be able to create consultation vouchers and integrate them into your system.

7. You will be able to collect information from patients to create clinical records that will be stored in a private and secure way. All documentation related to the patient can be attached to these records. In addition, with the electronic signature option, you will offer your patients the possibility of signing reports and documents electronically.

8. Doctors from your clinic or consultancy may issue an electronic prescription.

9. Integration to adapt treatments depending on the insurers with which you have agreements.

10. And a wide etc….


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