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The best keyboard shortcuts for Fortnite

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Basic movements shortcuts
Weapons / Combat Shortcuts
Building shortcuts
How to change your shortcuts on Fortnite?

Game designers are often brilliant people who draw their imaginations from digital tools. Fortnite existed long before its success as a battle royale, and it certainly didn't happen overnight. As talented as the developers are, it is the job of professional gamers to find optimal ways to play the game..

Professional Fortnite gamers have spent hours finding the best keyboard shortcuts and the best graphics settings. While there is nothing wrong with Fortnite's default settings , there is nothing that comes close to the term efficient in terms of movement.

While it's hard to call a shortcut the “best” as it's based on personal preference, there are some similarities between some of Fortnite's top pro players . Watching what the pros prioritize when pairing their keys might make you more aware of which mechanics are most interesting to them..

Being able to switch between running and shooting to suddenly building a fortress is one of the most important abilities you can master in Fortnite , and installing shortcuts could help you accomplish this by reducing the number of finger swings you can use. you will need to do in some specific actions.

We recommend that you buy a gaming mouse to get the additional buttons at your fingertips. Assigning certain actions on your mouse could free up some very useful space on your keyboard, and both of your hands will have their own installation of shortcuts. Your muscle memory will slowly return to your new routine, and you will start playing Fortnite with fewer hand movements but with more actions-per-minute (APM)..

The following settings have been inspired by some of the world's top ranked players like Fortnite 2019 World Champion, Bugha, Benjyfishy, ​​Mongraal, and MrSavage.

Basic movements shortcuts

  • Move forward: Z
  • Go left: D
  • Backward:  S
  • Go right:  D
    • Almost all professional Fortnite players use the old-world suit to get around. There is no reason to stray from a timeless classic unless you are left handed and using your mouse with your left hand.
  • Jump:  Space
  • Sprint:  Disable / Tab / Caps Lock
    • Most pros turn on the “Default Sprinter,” their character will start running the moment they start to move forward.
  • Auto run:  F4 or any key near your hand
    • If you are a looter you might find yourself spinning rather than pulling more regularly, so keeping the automatic stroke close to your hand will save you a lot of energy in the long run.
  • Crouch:  Left Ctrl

Weapons / Combat Shortcuts

  • Aim Down Sights (ADS):  Right click
  • Pull:  Left Click
  • Reload:  R / G / Y
    • These three buttons are closest to your index finger. Try with each of them to see which one works best for you.
  • Use:  Mouse wheel up
    • Building doors is a crucial mechanic to get to your enemies' constructions or to spy. Linking this action to your dial will help you open and close doors almost instantly.
  • Pickaxe:  1
  • Weapon slot 1:  2
  • Weapon slot 2:  3
  • Weapon slot 3:  4
  • Weapon slot 4:  5
  • Weapon slot 5:  6
    • Prioritize your items for health regeneration in slots four and five as you will only need them occasionally in the game. Keeping your weapon shortcuts close to you will allow you to interchange faster.

Building shortcuts

  • Wall:  Mouse button 5
    • Each gaming mouse has a different layout when it comes to numbering its buttons. The five mouse button is Mongraal and Bugha's go-to choice. If you don't have the same gaming mouse as them, you can just assign an easy-to-reach mouse button.
  • Ground:  C
  • Stairs:  Mouse button 4
    • Having the wall / stair keys on your mouse will allow you to do your combo much faster.
  • Roof:  Left shift
  • Hatch:  C
  • Improve / Repair:  H
  • Rotate construction piece:  R
  • Edit building material Right click
  • Reset the build edition:  Right click

How to change your shortcuts on Fortnite?

Click on the three stripes at the top right of your screen - Screenshot via Epic Games
Open Settings, which will be at the very top of the list that has appeared - Screenshot via Epic Games
Head over to “Keyboard Controls,” which will have an icon with movement arrows - Screenshot via Epic Games

While some games give players the option to copy / paste pre-assembled layouts that allow them to instantly use someone's settings, Fortnite requires players to change each setting manually.

You will need to launch Fortnite and navigate to the main menu where you will see your character.

  • Click on the three bands located at the top right of your screen
  • Open the settings which will be at the top of the list that will appear
  • Go to “Keyboard Controls,” which will have an icon with movement arrows
  • Go through each key combination and manually change them with your preferred settings

If you want to learn more about how changing your keyboard shortcuts can improve your game or just take a more visual approach, check out the guide on YouTube. Remember, tweaks may just not work for you while they work for a pro player, and you can just improve each shortcut by tailoring it to your habits.

It might take a while until you get used to these shortcuts, you won't become Fortnite 's Wonderland after clicking "Apply Settings Changes." If you believe in your new keyboard organization, give it time and try it out in online matches.

You can also use Practice Cards, which are a great way to practice building and shooting without being in a game. Completing a routine with your new settings before hitting the rankings each day could reduce the number of mistakes you could make and sharpen your skills at the same time.

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