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The best maps for Prop Hunt on Fortnite

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Fortnite's Creative Mode has allowed players to build lots of maps for different creative modes like Prop Hunt..

Prop Hunt creates a prop team against a team of hunters and the goal of the props is to collect all the pieces of a puzzle or survive before the hunters can take them out. Players who are given the prop role will be able to transform into map objects to blend in and hide.

This game mode was very popular in Valve's game, Gary's Mod which allowed players to create custom modes like in Fortnite ..

Here are some of the best Prop Hunt maps available on Fortnite .

Toy story


Due to the game mode being entirely dependent on the objects on the map, one of the best themes to suit this game mode is Toy Story. In this map, players will be placed in a child's room with different places like a dollhouse and lots of toys that can be copied. In view of designer Trizbear's sense of sizing precision, the player will feel like a toy in this world very similar to the movies..

Indoor water park


Eatyoushay has built an amazing water park which is very authentic. Equipped with slides, pools, and even shower facilities, there are plenty of spaces for players to hide among map items. Players can take on the appearance of water-based objects and hide above the water, adding a new dimension to the hunter's search. The indoor water park is a premium map to play Prop Hunt.

The Simpsons - Krusty Burger


The Simpsons is one of the most popular themes for Prop Hunt maps and on this one, created by Marablind, players will be placed in one of the show's most iconic locations, Krusty Burger. This burger restaurant is filled with different items that props can use and allows players to access the outside littered with more items and vehicles that can also be used to help hide from hunters. The use of items and colors on this map does the series perfectly justice and it's one of the best prop hunt maps.

Five Nights at Freddys


Keeping on the restaurant theme, this HFDGamer-created prop hunt card will take players to the famous Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Pit from the Five Nights at Freddys franchise . Inside the bazaar restaurant, players will find a special atmosphere with many animatronics that can be used to hide. Players familiar with the series will recognize the details that have been added to recreate this location in Fortnite .



Marablind recreated well-known locations from Bikini Bottom in this map from Prop Hunt. The underwater setup includes SpongeBob's Pineapple, Sandy the Squirrel's house, and Patrick's Stone just across from the Krusty Krab. Being one of the smaller cards in Prop Hunt, it's perfect for players who want to play in smaller groups. There are lots of items strewn about and tons of open spaces to hide in plain sight.

The Yacht

Image via Dropnite


Another little card for Prop Hunt, the Yacht is perfect for small groups of players. As the name suggests, this map is located on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. It contains many rooms on several levels with a few items that are available for use. Considering the rather compact design of the map and the interior of the rooms, the Yacht adds a level of difficulty for hunters as they have to remember the original interior of all the rooms.

Laser game


The Laser Game Prop Hunt map is fantastic and is designed to offer a wide range of items without the map being affected. While the name of this map implies being in a neon-lit Laser Game enclosure some parts of the map are dark, making it easier for players to hide. The way some key locations are set up is very impressive, like the set of arcade machines in a row with one missing which is perfect for players to dress up and settle into that hole. This is one of the best Fortnite Prop Hunt experiences and is a must have map for players who want to try out the mode.

Sunrise cruise


Similar to the Yacht, the sunrise cruise is on a boat on the ocean although the cruise is a bit wider. This boat is extremely well put together, with countless parts and places for players to hide throughout the game. The placement of objects on this map is also very impressive with multiple identical objects scattered around, making it easier for the Prop Hunts. Perfect for 10+ players but usable for groups between 2-16 people, this is one of the best maps in Prop Hunt.

Toy store


A playful and bright version of Prop Hunt, Toy Store is the perfect card for casual play. Set in an intricate map filled with basketball hoops, piano cubes, and bears, this fun map has plenty of variety for gamers. There are several different elevation levels on this map accessible via a stack of cubes or the stairs inside the building. Hunters will find this map much easier than some of the other maps in this list. For new players, Toy Store is a great starting point for understanding this game mode.

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