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The best Fortnite options on PlayStation 5

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Video options
Gameplay options
Controller Options
Activate 120 FPS on  Fortnite

Fortnite  may seem like it has it all figured out, but the game is in constant development to be improved with the help of the latest technology. The latest generation of consoles arrived in 2020 and Fortnite was ready to improve the gaming experience for all of its users who have upgraded to the PlayStation 5..

The more powerful setup of the PS5 allowed Epic to improve the quality of the graphics, while introducing more performance tweaks. While Fortnite looks much better on a PS5 than a PS4, the default options are not necessarily optimized for the competitive gaming experience.

The quality of the graphics may not mean anything to competitive Fortnite players , as they need the most FPS possible and the best performance to unlock the most frames per second on their high-Hz displays. This in fact reduces the reaction time of the screen to see enemies faster, even by a few milliseconds. Although the number of options to customize is less than on PC, several adjustments can be made to have a better gaming experience on Fortnite ..

Optimizing your options will not make a player a pro once they hit the "Apply" button, but their effectiveness may improve in games once they get used to changing options.

Here are the best options in Fortnite on PS5 ..

Video options

  • Brightness:  120%
    • The default brightness options are fine, but it's easier to spot enemies with a bit higher brightness. It can also be increased by using the screen directly.
  • Color blind mode:  Protanope
  • Colorblind mode power:  10
    • Turning on colorblind mode might seem strange if you're not concerned. But some players, like Bugha , get along better with the Protanope Mode color adjustments. While results may vary, the Protanope color option makes it easier to spot enemies. Other pro players, like Clix , prefer the other mode: Tritanope, so it's best to try out several to see what is appropriate.
  • Show FPS:  Enabled
    • On PS5 , Fortnite  runs between 60 and 120 FPS. Being able to see your FPS at any time nevertheless allows you to detect if there is a drop due to an activated background process or downloads that have a negative impact on the performance of the game. If you notice drops in FPS, it it is better to check that the power of the console is not affected by this. If that's not the reason for the drop in FPS, you can also consider spring cleaning the console.
  • Blur : Disabled
    • Blurring is an effect added every time the player makes movements with the in-game camera. While this makes the game more realistic, turning it off will improve Fortnite performance . Noticing enemies while moving will also be easier without this effect.

Gameplay options

  • Matchmaking region:  Choose the server closest to you geographically
    • Always play in the closest region to avoid higher ping (latency). If you are close to several servers, they can be chosen automatically.
  • Maintain Sprint:  Disabled
    • Most Fortnite players prefer sprinting by default. Deactivating the "Maintain Sprint" frees the L3 button.
  • Default Sprint:  Enabled
    • You'll be able to be precise as soon as you aim, so sprinting by default doesn't have any downsides in that regard, making this option a must-have.
  • Open doors automatically:  Enabled
    • Opening doors is not a problem for mouse or keyboard players, since there is a choice in terms of which keys to use. But controller players need to cut down on all unnecessary buttons, and the one to open the doors is one of them. Not worrying about this command could allow for high level plays while building.
  • Maintain Aim:  Disabled
    • Maintaining aim automatically can be useful for sniper players, but it also slows reaction time when an opponent suddenly enters your line of sight.
  • Pick up weapons automatically:  Disabled
    • Most high-level players are selective in terms of storing items in their inventory. This option can be useful for beginners, but it has no value once you get to know the game well, except maybe for loot very early in the game, but then you will have to throw away unnecessary items.
  • Automatically sort consumables on the right:  On
    • An inventory is never complete without consumables to heal yourself when needed.
  • Aim assist:  On
    • Aim Assist is the foundation for console and controller players. There is no reason to play without it, since it allows the tracking to be more constant.
  • Turbo-construction:  Enabled
    • Building quickly is one of the keys to survival in the high ranks of Fortnite . Turbo-building can be a complicated process at first, since you won't always make the right choices, but once you get used to it, you won't be able to do without it.
  • Automatic material change : On
    • You can never have enough of each type of material. Not having more to build in the middle of a fight can be fatal. This option allows to switch to another material automatically by building when the other type has been emptied.
  • Confirmation of the activation of edit mode:  Enabled
    • It will be necessary to be as fast as possible in construction, and this also applies to the edit mode. Pressing a button to confirm is a waste of time. Activating this option automatically confirms when you no longer press the key to activate the mode.
  • Interface scale:  65%
    • Depending on your experience in Fortnite , you may already know the interface by heart. The reduction of its scale allows to have less information on the screen and more room for the game.
  • Press search and interact:  On

Controller Options

Most professional Fortnite gamers who use the controller prefer the Builder Pro preset interface, or one of its variations. Builder Pro helps build faster and more accurately to deal with keyboard and mouse gamers.

  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro) : Enabled
    • This option allows you to continue building at lightning speed after placing the first construction. Although it seems practical, you will have to be careful with its materials because they can easily empty when making walls.
  • Hold time change : 0.100 
  • Vibrations : Disabled
    • Vibration can make sense in other games, but on Fortnite it mostly negatively impacts accuracy. Imagine being hit by a bomb at maximum range while trying to snip; the vibration of the controller will make you miss your tiz.
  • Sensitivity options : According to individual preferences
    • The sensitivity options are very personal, and you will need to experiment with several to find the best one. It is also possible to take example from the sensitivities of professional gamers on controller to start somewhere. Once the option is well chosen, try not to change it again.
  • Aim assist strength : 100%
    • There is no need to adjust aim assist to less than 100%; it is the ultimate weapon of any controller player and it is best to keep it to its maximum potential.
  • Deadzone Movement Stick : 7%
  • Deadzone Camera Stick : 7%
    • No matter what sensitivity options you choose, it is best to keep a lower deadzone value to reduce latency. This option changes the distance required of movement on the stick to make large movements in the game, but if the values ​​are too high, it will just appear to have lag.

Activate 120 FPS on  Fortnite

When Fortnite was released on PS4 and Xbox One, gamers could only spin it at 30 FPS. Although performance was subsequently improved to 60 FPS, it was nowhere near enough for competitive players.

FPS around 60 may be fine for a good gaming experience, but having them above 100 is a whole different effect, you still have to have the screen to match.

One of the most important performance adjustments you can make on PS5 is to enable 120 FPS mode, and you'll need to enable Performance Mode first to see these options in the menu.

Screengrab via Sony
Screengrab via Sony
Screengrab via Sony
  • Start the PS5 and go to “Options”.
  • Scroll down to “Saved data and Gameplay / App options”.
  • Choose “Preset Game Modes”.
  • Change from “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode” to “Performance Mode”.

Once this base is set, it is possible to launch Fortnite .

Screengrab via Epic Games
  • After loading the main menu, choose the menu icon around the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose “Options”.
  • Go to the "Video" category of options to see the option to activate 120 FPS.
    • Note that this option may not be visible to users who do not have a TV or monitor with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz. If you cannot see the option, it means that the feature is not available to you and you will need to send a ticket to Epic in case the option will not be visible even with the correct configuration.

Enabling Performance Mode for the console will force the game to run at 1080p and prioritize performance over graphics to boost FPS. If you want to keep a resolution higher than 1080p, you will have to keep the Default options or the Resolution mode.

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