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The best Fortnite options on Xbox One

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Video options
Gameplay options
Controller Options

The options interface can seem complex as there are countless options to choose from. But the Xbox One version of Fortnite  offers a lot less customization options compared to the PC version to avoid confusing new players..

While it will not be possible to change the look of Fortnite  just by adjusting the graphics options, it is possible to change the way the game is played by adjusting the controller options and changing the interactions with the game. As you will build your muscle memory as you continue to play Fortnite , having options that are right for you will be important in making sure you have the right mix.

The following options are optimized to have the best gameplay experience. But that doesn't mean you should be reluctant to make your own customizations. Customizing each option can only improve the controls, as only you know your actual playing style..

Here are the best Fortnite  options on Xbox One.

Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games
Screengrab via Epic Games

Video options

  • Brightness:  110%
    • While the brightness levels of your TV or screen play an important role here, a little more brightness in the game should help you notice enemies better. Try to find the perfect balance, as too much light tires your eyesight.
  • User interface contrast:  1x
    • This option does not mess up the color balance outside of the user interface, so the user interface is largely up to personal preference.
  • Color blind mode Protanope
  • Colorblind mode power 6
    • The colorblind mode options are a hit-and-miss. You don't have to be color blind to use them, as the right adjustments make it easier for players to spot enemies. The color blind options we have chosen are taken in reference to those chosen by the world champion Bugha. Other pros like Clix and Sway seem to be in favor of the Tritanope colorblind option, which opens up another option for you to try out before you hit it again.
  • Secure zone:  Default
    • Xbox One should be able to configure the maximum amount of screen space Fortnite  uses. If it does not succeed, it is possible to adjust it yourself via this option.
  • Blur:  Disabled
    • While blurring won't have a big impact on your frames-per-second (FPS), especially on Xbox One, it could introduce a bit of lag, which can leave you at a disadvantage in intense combat.
  • Show FPS Enabled
    • Fortnite is capped  at 60 FPS on Xbox One and the console does a good job of preserving those frames per second. But it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your FPS because you will be able to know when the system is struggling. It can even be used to see if the console is clean or if it is dusty, as this reduces its performance.

Gameplay options

  • Matchmaking region:  Choose the server with the least ping.
    • The auto-region option does its best to get you into a game with the lowest ping possible. But sometimes, at off-peak hours, it could get you into a game as quickly as possible by ignoring the ping data. This usually happens to gamers in USA because the ping difference between servers from North America to West to East are not as high compared to other servers in the world.
  • Maintain Sprint Disabled
  • Default Sprint Enabled
    • These two configurations allow you to spring always on the move. The character will still move normally while you are aiming. This frees up the L3 button and saves having to use an extra button every time you want to sprint.
  • Sprint cancels reload:  Disabled
    • We recommend swapping weapons to cancel reloading, as canceling by sprinting could leave you with an empty magazine once an enemy catches up with you.
  • Open doors automatically Enabled
    • Keeping this option turned on lets you worry about one less thing with one less interaction to deal with. If you prefer to modify the doors instead of the windows while building, it is better on the other hand to deactivate it to avoid giving an advantage to the enemies.
  • Press to Find / Interact:  On
  • Hold to exchange the Pickup:  Deactivated
    • Enabling press to seek and disabling hold for swap both reduce the time it takes to perform certain actions. However, making these adjustments should take some time to adjust.
  • Maintain Aim Disabled
    • Maintaining aim automatically can be useful for sniper players, but it also slows reaction time when an opponent suddenly enters your line of sight.
  • Mark danger by aiming:  On
    • Enabling this option is a must, especially if you are playing mostly in duo, trio or teams. This makes it easy to mark enemies while aiming.
  • Pick up weapons automatically:  Disabled
    • Most high-level players are selective in terms of storing items in their inventory. This option can be useful for beginners, but it has no value once you get to know the game well, except maybe for loot very early in the game, but then you will have to discard the superfluous items.
  • Automatically sort consumables on the right:  On
    • This automatically places consumable items to the right of the inventory and allows for a smoother transition between weapons.
  • Reset the construction choice to 0:  Enabled
    • Bringing back build mode when it's stuck in the roof could cost you a build fight as the seconds it takes to build walls is significant.
  • Aim assist On
    • Aim assist is common for console gamers. It's a welcome help, but it's also a nightmare for keyboard and mouse gamers.
  • Change Aim Assist:  Disabled
    • Aim assist for edit does not work because classic aim assist can interrupt your flow while building.
  • Turbo-construction Enabled
    • This is one of those options that players need to get used to. It doubles the speed of construction, but could also cause a construction failure. Mastering the option while playing will give you an advantage in the most violent construction fights.
  • Confirmation of the activation of the edit mode Activated
    • The name of the option could also be Turbo-build, as it is the equivalent. It increases the speed of the editing process which can be used at will in combat.

Controller Options

Before getting to the controller options, we recommend changing the button layout to that of Builder Pro. This is the preferred setup because it allows players to build faster and more accurately. Even professionals like Sway prefer to play with it rather than other options..

  • Auto-sprint on joystick:  Enabled
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro) Enabled
    • This option allows you to continue building at lightning speed after placing the first construction. Although it seems practical, it will be necessary to be careful with its materials because they can be emptied easily by making walls. 
  • Modification of hold time 0.100 
  • Vibrations  Disabled
    • Vibration can make sense in other games, but on  Fortnite it mostly negatively impacts accuracy. Imagine being hit by a bomb at maximum range while trying to snip; the vibration of the joystick will make you miss your shot. 
  • Sensitivity options According to individual preferences
    • The sensitivity options are very personal, and you will need to experiment with several to decide on the best one. It is also possible to take example from the sensitivities of professional gamers on a controller to start somewhere. Once the option is well chosen, try not to change it again.
  • Aim assist strength 100%
  • Deadzone  Movement Stick 8%
  • Deadzone  Camera Stick 8%
    • Regardless of the sensitivity options you choose, it's best to keep a lower deadzone value to reduce latency. This option changes the distance required of movement on the stick to make large movements in the game, but if the values ​​are too high, it will just appear to have lag.

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