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How should your headphones be to take care of your ears while you play

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The headphones , since the birth of the musical digitization, have become an essential element. The use of formats such as MP3 or AAC and applications such as Spotify or Deezer have made it especially easy for us: we can listen to music wherever and whenever we want . Yes, the Walkman did it before, but this is division one..

Health is our price to pay. A study conducted by the University of Leicester, UK, determined that high volume in headphones can damage the lining of nerve cells (myelin), leading to temporary deafness or, in the worst case, a limitation permanent. It was also specified that 4 out of 5 cases of deafness are caused by damage to the cells of the inner ear , due to excessive noise exposure.


Safety tips for using a headset

It is very important, therefore, to take the necessary measures to avoid irreversible damage to our ears. Here are some safety recommendations to enjoy our headphones:

  • Use a moderate volume. The aforementioned study concluded that these problems increased from 110 decibels of intensity , where the earpiece itself begins to distort the audio.
  • Use headphones with care. Both to put them on, taking into account that the button models can be inserted too far into the inner ear, and to take them off, without pulling them with force, so that we can damage the eardrum, due to the suction cup effect. It is advisable to rotate the headset while separating it from your ear.


  • Do not spend long periods with them on. They can cause hearing loss, painful irritations, even inflammation such as otitis. It is not recommended to spend more than two hours in a row with any type of headset.
  • Quality comes at a price. The construction of the materials is key. The free foam-lined headphones are a source of infection. Good quality headphones, with noise cancellation technology and an intelligent volume limiter, can save us a lot of trouble.


Factors to find the best headphones

Based on these tips we can intuit what a headset needs to be perfect. Let's see some factors to take into account to choose the ideal model..

  • Materials . As we said, good materials are the key. There are four types of helmets: circumaural, supra-aural, intra-aural and button-type . The ideals are, for the comfort and safety they offer, those of the first group, comfortably covering the entire ear. On the other hand, if we want good gaming headphones , we must choose a completely closed model, to listen to the heat of the battle with all its intensity without disturbing anyone or distracting us.
  • Ergonomics is an essential element . Care must be taken that the bridge of the headband is padded to avoid discomfort to the head, that the earmuffs are sufficiently protected, if possible with a fabric similar to the skin.


  • The size of the headphones determines part of the quality of the headphones . The bigger they are, the better they can emit the sound, offering a wider panorama, in addition to being usually the most comfortable models.
  • We must pay attention to technology . Dolby offers digitally emulated 7.1 surround sound, included in some of the best models. Most current video games include this setting, ideal for listening to every nuance of voices, weapons or the environment of each scenario.
  • Finally, another determining element is mobility and modulability . Today a wireless headset can stand up to a wired one. They are much more comfortable and transportable, but you have to take into account the quality of the receiver. And, if possible, that they include a microphone, to transmit our voice through the game chat, to make videoconferences and so that our battle companions hear us with the highest quality.


These are the headphones you were looking for

Lenovo has among its ranks the Y Gaming Stereo Headset , a powerful headset that meets all the specifications and requirements that we have been demanding previously. They offer a fierce 7.1 surround sound, generating a three-dimensional space around our ears. It includes 50-millimeter drivers , the ideal standard to completely cover the ear.

Its noise cancellation technology helps reduce sound leakage from the headphones to the outside. In addition, its modular microphone also includes noise suppression, to take care that people who are listening to us do not find excessive volume peaks. The ear muffs, each independently controlled, are ergonomically designed with a horizontal swivel . And the fabric of the outer padding is fully washable - so we don't worry about staining them from going out with them to play sports..


Lenovo's new 'Y Stereo Headset' follow the aesthetic line of its entire line of gaming products

The construction of the headset is consistent, taking care of the small details. The 'Y' on their ear muffs emit LED light to see in the dark. The USB cable connection is ideal for fast data transmission .

In short, the Y Gaming Stereo Headset are well designed helmets, with control from the cable to cancel the microphone or raise and lower the volume, very light thanks to their manufacturing materials - carbon fiber - and compatible with any console and system current. Its gold-plated 3.5mm jack connection offers crisp, clear definition and the finish of its materials does not compromise a solid and thick bass, without harming the listener or the game thanks to its intelligent hardware .

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