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ESIC asks $ 10,000 in fine from Team Vitality for sniping on stream

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ESIC demanded a $ 10,000 fine from Team Vitality for a streaming spy issue following their match against Team Liquid in the BLAST Pro Series..

During a January 21 match on CS: GO between Liquid and Vitality, a TV in the Vitality arena was showing the match. Even though there were "no bad intentions," the incident violates ESIC's zero tolerance approach to stream sniping.

"ESIC looked at VOD, player cameras and other video evidence from both Complexity and Team Liquid matches, and the team commentary analyzed did not show evidence that players were using material derived from the stream or that they got an advantage in their matches because of the code violation, "according to ESIC..

ESIC issues $ 10,000 fine to team Vitality in response to stream-sniping breach of the ESIC Code.

While there was no malicious intention detected by ESIC in its examination of evidence, ESIC's zero tolerance approach mandates accountability from the organization for the breach. pic.twitter.com/Gs7Kwut0le

- ESIC (@ESIC_Official) January 23, 2021

Vitality's management took responsibility for the problem and fined it.

The fine is in line with ESIC's zero tolerance approach to stream sniping, according to the release..

The intention of Vitality's management had not been given to their team with the intention of putting the opposing team at a disadvantage, but simply to watch the game from their lounge. However, due to the proximity of this lounge to the room for players, the possibility of stream-sniping exists.

There can be no tolerance for even what appears to be breaking the rules after the year CS: GO has had. ESIC suspended 35 players yesterday for betting infractions, and the coaching scandal rocked the scene throughout 2020.

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