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Fortnite announces Tron event, data miners find more info

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Fortnite  should prepare for a trip to the Grid..

Epic Games has unveiled an audio teaser of a character transported to the virtual world of TRON . Several Fortnite data miners  have also discovered more evidence confirming the crossover.

:: Incoming Transmission - Reality Log MCP-82 ::
Targets Description: They fight for the users pic.twitter.com/aCbdywI8FQ

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) February 10, 2021

The teaser lets you listen to a character finding an "incredibly old PC". After pressing a few keys, he shouts at a laser that would send him into the Grid. The character also reads a line from the PC asking him to "make yourself comfortable", a line of dialogue quoted from the 1982 film TRON ..

Fortnite data miner HYPEX posted an image and associated an electronic soundtrack of a "Mainframe Portal" found, which some users say looks exactly like TRON .

Another data miner, Twea, posted a short video of what the portal looks like in Fortnite . It looks like an inter-dimensional rift, so it's possible that players will be able to walk through the Grid and it will generate potential POIs with related quests..

While TRON  isn't the most popular license out there compared to other monstrous Fortnite crossovers , flashy neon lights are a universal aesthetic in gaming. With the multitude of beautiful and aesthetic designs in the universe, some good skins should be coming to the battle royale.

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