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Take advantage of dark mode on the Google Maps application

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The advantages of Dark Mode
Enable dark theme on Google Maps


After YouTube and Chrome, Google has just launched dark mode on its Maps mapping application. The deployment has been underway for several weeks. You might have missed out on this useful feature without even knowing it. Here is the procedure to activate dark mode on the Google Maps application..

The advantages of Dark Mode

We knew that the Mountain View firm had been working for several months on a new version of Maps incorporating a night mode. Several screenshots are circulating on social networks and allow you to better understand how the dark theme works.

As you probably already know, the white overlay proves aggressive on the eyes in certain low ambient light conditions (especially at night). It increases eye strain, glare and exposure to blue light. By force it can affect vision. It is therefore advisable to be careful..

This is why several publishers like Facebook, WhatsApp and Google offer a dark theme on their applications. Concretely this results in an inversion of the colors. The font is then displayed in white on a black background.

This dark color offers better visual comfort and a more pleasant interface. But this new trend is not only impacting our health, it is also affecting the power consumption of our phones. Dark mode increases the autonomy of smartphones..

Enable dark theme on Google Maps

Are you interested in the dark mode of Google Maps and you would like to be able to test it? Note that the dark theme on the mapping app is only available on phones with Android 10 or higher. You will find below to know the firmware number of your smartphone.

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your mobile device
  • Click on your avatar icon (profile picture) located in the upper right corner of the search bar
  • Open the settings of the Google mapping app
  • Click on the topic topic
  • Select the always dark theme option
  • Among the other proposals available we can also mention: clear theme and same theme as the device

This last option will automatically activate the dark theme according to the display option of Android. As a reminder, this feature is only available on the latest versions of Android (10 and higher).

For the time being, not all Android users seem to have the theme function on Google Maps. Obviously we will have to wait a little longer. Please feel free to check the Play Store regularly for updates.

Unfortunately, there are no other solutions to speed up the arrival of dark mode on Google Maps. However, we can count on Google's strike force to massively deploy this functionality to all of its users.

In the meantime, I invite you to activate the dark mode on the navigation part of the application. The menus will continue to display on a white background. But once your destination is entered, by clicking on the navigation button, the map will be displayed in dark mode.

  • Open the settings of the Google Maps app
  • Click on navigation settings
  • Scroll down to the map display section
  • Then in the color scheme option, select auto or night mode

Now all you have to do is wait. As explained above, the deployment of the black interface for the GPS application should be completely finalized in a few weeks.

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