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What does Primary and Secondary account mean on PS5

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On PlayStation 5, the concept of "primary" and "secondary" consoles applies to game sharing and offline play. Here's a breakdown:

Primary PS5:

  • This is the designated console for your PlayStation account.
  • Benefits of setting a PS5 as primary:
    • Game Sharing: Users on your primary PS5 can access and play the games you've purchased from the PlayStation Store, even when you're not online (offline play).
    • PS Plus Sharing: If you have PlayStation Plus, its benefits like online multiplayer and free monthly games can also be shared with users on your primary PS5.
  • You can only have one PS5 designated as your primary console at a time.

Secondary PS5:

  • Any other PS5 where you've signed in with your PlayStation account is considered secondary.
  • Limitations on secondary PS5:
    • Users on secondary consoles cannot access your purchased games or PS Plus benefits unless you're online and your account is the one actively playing the game (game streaming).
    • They can only play their own games or games with online passes.

Here's an analogy: Think of your game licenses as keys. The primary PS5 gets a master key that unlocks all your games and PS Plus benefits for everyone using the console. Secondary consoles only get access when you (with the master key) are around to open the door (online).

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You can deactivate your PS5 as primary at any time, but you can only designate a new primary console once every six months.
  • Sony recommends setting the PS5 you use most often as the primary console.

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Activate PSN account as primary on PS5

Within our PS5 we know that we can have both physically purchased games and digital version games. The content of the console will be managed with different users in order to more easily organize our games and others. In this case we can mainly distinguish primary accounts and secondary accounts with different privileges between the two. When you buy an account, you must make sure that you have been sold a primary account and not a secondary one.


Primary account
This is usually the default PSN account that you first create on your PS5 as the owner. Share all of your content with all other child accounts. In addition, you do not need the internet to play compulsory. It can only be a primary PSN account on one console.


Secondary account
Account linked to the primary and allows us to play the games associated with the primary account. These are usually the guest accounts on the console. Only one profile will be able to play those games. Permanent internet connection required


In short, with the primary or main account, all the games you download into it will work for the rest of the accounts on the PS5. However, with the secondary account, the games can only be played on that same account.



Let's see how to make your PS5 main or primary account.


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Activate PSN account as primary on PS5



Step 1

If we enter an account not activated as primary or main, we will see a lock next to the games.




Step 2

Now we are going to go to the account that is used the most on the PS5 or the account of the PS5 owner by clicking on "Change user".





Step 3

Within this account we will go to "Settings".





Step 4

Next, we will enter the option "Users and accounts".




Step 5

Now go to the left category of we will go to "Other" and then to "Share console and play offline".





Step 6

We are going to click on "Activate" and thus we will make this PS5 main. With this option we allow the users of this console to play our games since we are sharing the content.





Step 7

If we go to the previous secondary account we can see that the lock no longer appears.




In this way we have seen what Primary and Secondary account mean in PS5 and what differences we have between both accounts. We will also know how we can activate the PS5 as the main account easily.


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