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Use this APP to see which movies are good or bad

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IMDB built into Amazon Prime Video
Other movie billboards for Android

A little help is never too much to decide which movie to see at the cinema, or even at home thanks to shows like Netflix or even the popular Popcorn Time . What better if that help is at hand on the mobile device itself..

IMDB is a movie billboard application for Android ( download at this link ). This resource, which is also available on the web at IMDB.com , is one of the most comprehensive available right now for information on any movie. Not for nothing does its acronym stand for Internet Movie Database . It is currently owned by the e-commerce company Amazon.com .

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In what concerns here, it is not only a movie billboard to see what theaters are happening in certain countries: the rating of 10 that each film has ( IMDB rating ), received by the massive number of users of the site and critics professionals, it helps to know which movies are good, fair or bad..

The video trailer or teaser, the textual description, images, actors and even a kind of forum to see what people are talking about a certain movie is other relevant information that IMDB offers.

Upcoming films and release dates, hours and tickets for cinemas (only available for certain countries), notifications, a section with the 250 best films , among other information, is available within the application..

IMDB built into Amazon Prime Video


As you can see above, IMDB is integrated into the streaming service Amazon Prime Video , a great advantage because at a glance you can know the rating of a movie, which you cannot know in services like Netflix or Disney Plus . Unfortunately not all movies have this IMDB rating on Prime Video, but most do.

Other movie billboards for Android

It is not necessary to install an application on the Android device to find information on movie listings, premieres or movies in general. As indicated, the same IMDB is available on the web at imdb.com and can be accessed from the mobile web browser. RottenTomatoes  is another excellent source of information. An application is always more convenient and faster anyway. Besides the IMDB app for Android, Flixster (website) and Fandango (Android app) are two great additional options.

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