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The cell phone can have up to FIVE times more bacteria than a toilet, according to studies

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The toilet is cleaned, the cell phone rarely. That is the simple reason why a study carried out by two universities in the United States, have concluded that a cell phone can have up to 5 times more bacteria than a toilet ..

Studies carried out by the University of San Diego (California) and the University of Arizona (Tucson) , determined that in the air that exists in an office building there are around 10 million bacteria per cubic meter . The offices that have more men are those that have a greater quantity and variety of bacteria than the offices occupied mostly by women, it was pointed out in such studies.


One of the experts involved in this research, María Gabriela González, related to the German medical firm Bayer , indicated that to carry out these studies 450 samples of different objects were taken, from 90 offices in different major cities. The results determined that the most contaminated things inside offices are chairs, telephones, keyboards and computer mice ..

Because people have contact with these objects all the time, it follows that cell phones become another of the most contaminated objects, along with other devices such as tablets, laptops, TV controls, game controls , etc. In fact, these devices can contain up to 5 times more bacteria than toilets and the answer to this statement is simple: toilets are cleaned often while cell phones and commonly used electronic devices very rarely.

The solution

The aforementioned expert indicates that to reduce contact contamination, the easiest and most effective solution is to maintain proper hygiene . Washing your hands frequently is one of the simplest ways to remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, for example. It also recommends adequate hygiene both on a personal level and speaking of the environment where one operates, paying attention to the cleaning of those objects that are not used to cleaning, including here the cell phone, which should be carefully cleaned with a cloth dampened with something of alcohol..

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