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Opinion: Is it worth buying a Motorola Moto G cell phone?

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Alternatives to the Moto G

The Moto G is one of the best-selling cell phones today, introduced and popular when Motorola was owned by Google (Motorola is currently owned by Lenovo). The main reason was its good quality, technical specifications and price, which it has maintained to date..

The main reason why you will want to buy a Motorola Moto G is its attractive price, which currently for the latest version, which is the Moto G8, goes from 159 euros in Spain for the Moto G8 Power Lite (it should have a similar price in our Latin America).

Moto G is a mid-range line or of moderately powerful technical specifications, which is more than enough for most people. You can install your WhatsApp, Facebook and many other applications and games without problem thanks to a storage that goes from 64 GB. The phone should run smooth and fast. You will have decent cameras and sound, plus a battery with which you can reach the end of the day without problems or possibly until the next day, depending on the use..


The original Moto G, one of the best-selling cell phones for its attractive price and specifications.

One of the best things about the Moto G line, which it has maintained since its inception until now, is the software, a practically pure Android, with slight customizations made by Motorola. The purer, lighter, or less "heavy" it is for the hardware, so it should run faster or smoother compared to third-party Android software that is heavily modified and feature-rich..

If we spin a little finer and focus on the more technical section, the Moto G is an easy-to-repair cell phone model as far as software is concerned. Motorola provides you with the USB drivers you need to connect it to the PC for various purposes, including unlocking the bootloader without major problems or resetting it if it stays on the logo . It also has a good support from the developer community, so you should find the TWRP custom recovery or even a Lineage OS ROM for this model much more easily than other brands.

Alternatives to the Moto G

When the Moto G model was introduced to the market, its great attraction was the cost benefit, that is, you got a good and cheap phone based on what you paid, something rare at that time. Currently several manufacturers have jumped on this train, so you can find other brands of cheap cell phones that are just as good at a good price. The brand that stands out the most right now in this regard is Xiaomi . Despite some disadvantages in certain regions, it is probably the most attractive in terms of cost benefit. Samsung also has a good offering in its mid-range with the A and M line .

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Opinion: Is it worth buying a Xiaomi cell phone?

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