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Handcent SMS, perhaps the most customizable messaging APP for Android

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The original SMS App of my Android Samsung (the one that is installed at the factory) performs relatively well speaking of sending and receiving SMS, but speaking of functions, perhaps the only thing I can highlight is the option to block SMS from certain contacts or numbers and the power to hide the message preview in the status bar (hide the content of the SMS in the top bar)..

In this sense, there are SMS applications that are much more complete and that are ideal to replace the SMS App that comes pre-installed on an Android, such as Textra SMS and in this case Handcent SMS , available for free on Google Play , the latter one of the most customizable and best that exist if you tolerate the advertising in it. Unfortunately there is no way to pay to get rid of the ads.

This text message client is super complete since it allows you to customize many aspects related to SMS. It has a large number of settings that allow you to make SMS more private on Android, customize notifications or new message alerts for each contact, etc. Here is a list of the most important things that this fantastic App offers:

  • Unique notifications per contact (different notifications for each contact eg vibration style, notification icon, sound and more).
  • Block incoming SMS (Blacklist) .
  • Lock application with a code or a pattern so that only the owner can open it.
  • Pop-up windows to view and send SMS quickly (Quick reply).
  • Schedule SMS sending (send an SMS after a certain time configurable by the user, automatically).

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  • Voice reading of SMS.
  • Send SMS to contact groups.
  • Resettable SMS counter at any time.
  • Facebook photos sync (use Facebook photos as contact images).
  • Themes available for download, which radically change the appearance of the application.

image Handcent SMS allows you to give the same settings to all the contacts and numbers that send you an SMS. These general settings are changed by pressing the menu button in the conversation list (Option Settings). If you want to give a unique SMS configuration per individual contact, you have to open the conversation with that contact, press the menu button and vary the settings for that specific contact..

The contact personalization offered by Handcent SMS reaches such a point that it is possible to create personalized vibration patterns for notifications.

Handcent SMS is an extremely feature-rich text messaging client for Android. Perhaps it is the most complete App in this sense. This can sacrifice the fluidity of the application a bit. If that is your case, the Textra SMS App is a great alternative because, what loses in functionality, gains in speed and response speed..

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