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Root to install Google APPS (EJ: Old Nokia X)

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That application to root, called Framaroot, which, after installing it on the device, was only a matter of running it to get the cell phone rooted in just a few taps and without having to connect it to the PC, it can be used to root multiple devices and be able to install Google apps on devices that do not come from the factory..

That is the case with the Nokia X , an old Android phone manufactured by the Finnish company. It is striking that an Android like the Nokia X could be rooted using an application like Framaroot, since this was a new device compared to the age of Framaroot. Rooting methods are usually difficult to find for new computers and old root applications like the one mentioned do not support them.

If you have a Nokia X, fortunately Framaroot works. It may also work with the Nokia X + and Nokia XL, which once had Android (4.1.2). Some have also asked me about the Nokia 3 TA-1028 . This is a much more modern device, which has Android Nougat 7, so it is unlikely to be successful with Framaroot, but if you want to try it anyway, remember to backup your data and be ready to format it from recovery or even know in advance how to flash the firmware in case it won't boot after trying..


Nokia X rooted, with Google Play installed and running - Image from XDA Developers

With the root already done to the device, it has been possible to install Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. on the Nokia X. As indicated by the Android Central blog, after the process of obtaining root authority on the device, it remains "intact", leaving open the possibility of installing any application, including Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and any other. Unfortunately, the page with this information was removed from the mentioned site.

It is not entirely clear if it is really necessary to have root permissions in the Nokia X family to install Google Apps because, before that, the Finnish company had already confirmed that third-party applications would be able to be installed on the mobile and so on. It was already confirmed by other blogs with the mobile in hand. In any case, leaving aside the risk, root it will not be too much, because in this way the installation of any application is guaranteed, of course, including those that require these permissions in order to function properly..

The Framaroot APK can be downloaded for free at XDA-Developers .

What is and how to root an Android cell phone?

Mediatek SU, exploit that roots almost 100 devices, inc. Sony, Nokia, Alcatel, BLU and Amazon

TowelRoot GeoHot APK: One Click Root Application

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