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Everything about Tik Tok for beginners

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Important features of TikTok for beginners
How to shoot Tik Tok for beginners
How to start making money for beginners in TikTok
TikTok video ideas for beginners

TikTok has already caught up with Instagram in terms of the scale of its activity. Millionaire users and bloggers from other social networks are switching to the young platform in order to promote their creativity and constantly maintain their popularity..

In TikTok, you don't have to pay crazy money for promotion, advertising, and growth of subscribers: if you shoot cool content that gets into recommendations, people will subscribe anyway.

If you focus on videos and ignore ads, you can easily reach several million subscribers and get a tick on Tik Tok..

But for novice users, this is difficult because they don't understand how to work with the platform, promote and film content, and interact with other users.

If you are one of these people and are just starting to comprehend the basics of Tik Tok, in this article you will find answers to many questions..

Important features of TikTok for beginners

If you have just downloaded and installed the application, please go through a quick registration on the platform. It is important to provide complete information here, because anonymous users will be subscribed with less chances.

  1. Provide a username and just the name that will be displayed in your account. Do not leave a set of letters and numbers in place of the nickname - this is ugly and speaks of the user's inexperience or unwillingness to be noticed among millions.
  2. Add an avatar to Tik Tok - it's better to use your photo where you can see your face. This psychologically affects the user's trust.
  3. Specify a description in your profile - there you can write your occupation or hobby, who you position yourself as. Sometimes users use quotes or write important information. We have already written description ideas for girls in Tik Tok.
  4. Go to the settings for a professional Pro account to get access to statistics. There you will be able to track the video reach, subscriber growth, responses and activities of your followers.

Once you've set up your account, you can move on to capturing content and generating ideas.

How to shoot Tik Tok for beginners

To shoot a video, desire alone is not enough. We'll have to take the task seriously. Follow this guide if you don't know where to start:

  1. Make a content plan. The plan will help you understand how often to shoot videos, what stories to choose. For TikTok, it is optimal to upload videos at least five times a week.
    However, users are more likely to upload two or three videos a day. It's a good idea to start with, because in a few days of working on videos, one of them will definitely be included in the recommendations. To better understand social media, read our article on how often to post videos on Tik Tok.
    Start your plan with two weeks - describe what posts you want to upload, what materials you need for shooting, text and decorations. If ideas are scarce, check the current guidelines.
  2. Viral videos are good at promoting novice users, so repeat some Tik Tok trend first. You can also write out popular hashtags to use later in your videos.
  3. Start recording. After drawing up a content plan, start filming the first video. It is important that you are not disturbed, otherwise you will be squeezed and nervous in the video. Many beginners at TikTok face this.
    Relax and turn on TikTok recording. Pick up an audio recording and start filming. If it doesn't work, try again until you get a cool result. After that add a filter and adjust the volume of your audio and your voice.
  4. Go to post. In the last section, enter the hashtags and description for the video. Click the Publish button and upload your video.
  5. If you haven't gotten any views in a couple of hours, try re-uploading the clip. Waiting will not help because the video gets featured after being posted. If this does not happen, the video will not get there.


After that, you will start building your audience. After 1000 subscribers, you will have access to live streams and can start monetizing your account.

How to start making money for beginners in TikTok

There are several ways to make money in TikTok. Among them:

  1. Earnings on live Tik Tok broadcasts. When you get 1000 subscribers, you can broadcast. Fans and hospitable users send gifts to them for high-quality content. All presents are paid, so you can exchange them for diamonds later.
    You will receive from 5 to 5000 diamonds for one gift. You need to collect about 20,000 diamonds to get them off the platform. Transfer is only possible to a PayPal account. After the operation, you will have at least $ 100 in your account.
  2. Challenges. If you start a cool challenge, it will go viral. As a result, you will get a big increase in subscribers. The advantage of the Tik Tok challenge is that you can unobtrusively advertise someone's product or service in it - you need to do this in a way that fits into the plot, otherwise everyone will understand and refuse.
    People pay money for the promotion of goods and services, and you get not only popularity, but also earnings thanks to the challenge.
    But the number of followers is important here, because large customers will not order advertising from small bloggers, therefore, the payment will be lower.
  3. Redirecting followers on Instagram. If you are developing TikTok and you have a large audience, but you are afraid of getting banned because of ads, transfer people to Instagram. There you can safely advertise products and services of other users.
    Invite people to subscribe to your account, offer free goodies. For example, say that you are raffling money or a joint video among your new Instagram followers. Users will see the benefits and subscribe.
    A bad way to translate an audience on Instagram is HYIP. If you are not saying something, write that you are talking about it on Instagram, and in the end this is an empty hype that was not worth a subscription, the result will be logical. You will lose subscribers and their trust, you will get a lot of negativity.
  4. Advertising in TikTok. You can advertise in your videos of other users, but not directly. If ads are calculated, you will lose the credibility of the admins and say "bye-bye" to the checkbox.
    This happens with the popular blogger in TikTok Irishka, who eats on camera. She openly throws ads, gets a lot of hats, so with an audience of 4 million she still has not received a tick.

To start monetizing, get serious about your content creation. And you can look for ideas below.

TikTok video ideas for beginners

Here are some ideas you can use in your videos:

  1. Show how you train your pet. Tell your subscribers how you are raising the animal so they can try your methods. If it is useful, you will get a response.
  2. Shoot a cute video if you are a novice TikTok user with no experience. On the video, you can show your child or pet in especially cute moments. For example, show how the child behaves after sleeping or how he eats. You can film how your pet greets you after work or how it behaves while you are not at home.
  3. Use special effects. If you know how to edit videos, try to edit content like that. Make interesting transitions - for example, when you walk through a wall or are transported from home to street through a hole in space painted in the program.
  4. Make your subscribers laugh. Entertainment content gets a lot of responses, so film a funny situation with friends or a funny moment with a pet. The videos where you make transitions go well.
    For example, you act out an ordinary situation in the family or at school, start making a movement from a famous meme, then make a transition to this meme or moment from a movie, anime or program.
  5. Load a video with an effect. Here, too, you can play out a funny situation, but with effects. For example, how do you communicate with your mom. Show how she says something to you, and you react to her in response. At this point, you can use the Stress mask or the Whirlpool transition.

The best way to look for ideas is to explore content in recommendations. See what kind of videos people like and try filming similar ones.

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