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Half of people ONLY use their cell phones for calls and messages

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They don't even install an app or game

People are using hundreds of dollar cell phones for basic tasks that a fraction of that price phone does perfectly. This was indicated some time ago by the global survey carried out by the GSMA, an organization of mobile operators and related companies at a global level..

They don't even install an app or game

This is not something new. Previously, similar information has been seen that stated that a large percentage of people did not even install an application or game on their smart phone. In this case, the result of the GSMA study stated that 47% of people use their cell phones for calls and messages ONLY. This survey was conducted in 56 regions around the world, which is equivalent to 80% of the world's population.


Technology is obviously not apparent to humans. That high percentage of people who do not exploit the capabilities of smartphones will not diminish anytime soon. The GSMA estimates that that number will be reduced to 29% in just 2030..

In the survey, people were classified into four categories, based on their responses. For example, the "Talkers" were those 47% of people who used the cell phone for calls and messages only. The opposite side were the "Amateurs", that is, those who most interacted with their smartphones. The rest were somewhere in between, in the Pragmatists and Networkers categories.

There were other interesting data that emerged from this analysis. For example, in certain countries like South Korea, people between the ages of 51 and 69 accounted for 1/4 of the smartphone users. The United States, Qatar and South Korea were the countries where people interacted the most with their cell phones. The use of SMS continued to be a priority communication channel in these countries, above other messaging systems..

You don't have to go far to confirm these data. Just think of the household members to realize that smartphones are probably being given elementary use for calls and messages only. Or at least it may be that way most of the time.

Source : GSMA

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