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How to sell a Tik Tok account step by step

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How much to sell an account in TikTok?
How to sell an account in TikTok
Advantages of exchanges to sell a TikTok account

TikTok users often think about selling a profile - this is due to the fact that there is no time to maintain a page, they are tired of social networks or want to make money on Tik Tok..

But due to the fact that there are many scammers in this area, you have to be selective and study a lot of information. If you do not know where you can sell a TikTok page, in the article we will show you the main ways. We will also show you how to correctly assign a cost per page.

How much to sell an account in TikTok?

Profiles sell and buy profiles on exchanges or through thematic groups and communities, and each site has different prices..

Some want to sell faster and put a small price tag, others do not want to go into the red and put a big one. But it is correct to set the price after taking into account the following points:

  • how popular is your profile - consider the number of subscribers,
  • activity of subscribers - if these are not bots, but real people, the profile will cost more,
  • subject - TikTok of a professional lawyer is more expensive than a simple entertaining page with jokes,
  • number of publications and their quality - if the content is thoughtful and interesting, the seller may charge a higher price because he worked hard on it. If the tape contains simple videos with pictures, other people's jokes or music, you can reduce the price.

Sometimes on exchanges they put up a price of 4010 thousand rubles for a profile for 50,000 subscribers with an active audience and cool videos.

One subscriber in this calculation costs 0.08 rubles. This cost is quite small - be guided by at least 0.5 rubles. per subscriber. If an account with a fancied audience and typical videos, then the price of 4010 is quite fair..

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How to sell an account in TikTok

It is better to sell a page through an exchange - this is the safest way. To do this, use the instruction:

  1. Determine what value to set for the profile.
  2. Register on the exchange and fill out the form for the announcement.
  3. Describe all the details that are asked for on the platform - this is how trust grows.
  4. Submit your offer and wait for the buyer's request.

The most popular exchanges that guarantee security are Garantmarket, Trade-groups or Tiktokmarket. Some sellers also advertise on Kwork.


In addition to exchanges, you can sell your TikTok account through VKontakte groups or thematic communities on the Internet. Sellers can post ads on the forums as well. There you will have to fill out an ad without a form, so keep in mind all the points:

  • indicate how many subscribers are on the page,
  • write the approximate number of likes, views for the publication,
  • indicate how many videos are in the profile,
  • if you earned from an account, indicate the approximate income,
  • at the end, indicate the cost of the profile and the list of social networks through which you can be contacted.

These methods work, but buyers do not trust such ads, so there is less reach. If you do not promote your offer in social networks or messengers, you may not receive applications.

Advantages of exchanges to sell a TikTok account

When you work with an exchange for sale, you get the following benefits:

  • you quickly find a buyer, because people trust these services more,
  • you do not risk when you make a transaction - the exchange guarantees security,
  • platforms work like online stores, so you can easily advertise and negotiate a deal.

Although the platform developers guarantee the safety of Tik Tok, you must be responsible. Therefore, during the transaction, do not give a person access to the page until you receive a prepayment or the full amount.

So you will protect yourself additionally, because there are risks everywhere - there are a lot of fraudsters on the Internet.

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