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How to update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch?

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How to update Minecraft on Switch?

  • Updating Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is one of those tasks that can be a bit annoying, although the truth is that we must take the time to update both for gameplay and security
  • Considering that it is a title that allows cross-play with other platforms, by updating you could enjoy some benefits, and even feel greater stability on a day-to-day basis

As we know, updates are essential to get the most out of apps and video games. This applies to all possible titles and consoles, but this time we're going to show you how to update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, a key procedure to enjoy the latest news from this game ..

The fact is that Nintendo Switch has done exceptionally well as a console, and that is due to the good selection of games and proposals that it has for the public, including some successes from other platforms, such as Minecraft.

And while Minecraft is available on Nintendo Switch, over time it has been updated and the latest version of Minecraft for Switch runs on the Bedrock engine, adding several new features ..

One of the most outstanding advantages, for example, has to do with the fact that if you play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, you can play online with friends who have a Windows 10 PC or an Xbox .

Beyond that, the tutorial that we are going to show you will continue to be useful in the future because, every time Minecraft is updated, there will be better features, both perceptible and in terms of security ..

How to update Minecraft on Switch?

Minecraft, one of the most popular sandbox or open world that exists, is updated completely online. This means that we must have an active Internet connection to download these updates.

  • Open the eShop on Nintendo Switch
  • Look for Minecraft among the games
  • If an update is available, you can download it from there
  • The update will download and install in the background
  • When it's done, you'll be able to play updated Minecraft

If that doesn't work, there is always the possibility to update Minecraft manually, by searching for it on the Nintendo Switch console's home screen, pressing the More button on the controller, selecting Software Update, Via the Internet, following the procedure directly from this platform .

Something you have to consider is that the size of the updates can vary , being small or large. It will depend on what new things you introduce in the game, basically.

For Nintendo Switch, the changelog will mirror that of the Minecraft Bedrock version, as it runs on the same engine, so you'll get all the same features that have been released in that variant.



As we have explained before, Minecraft on Switch supports cross-play and that is a huge advantage. As long as you play often with friends who have PC or Xbox, you will not need anything else to challenge them.

And while it is true that Minecraft on Switch receives updates a little later than the desktop version. That makes the news take a bit longer, it also ensures that the updates are stable .

Want to get even more out of this console? Discover the best platform games on Switch.

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