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How to use the TikTok app

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TikTok app how to use it
Instructions on how to properly install the program on the phone
How to use the TikTok app

From this review you will learn how to use the TikTok app. Do you want to know what this program is, what features it has and how to use it? Read our step-by-step instructions for installing TikTok Musicalli and use it to your health..

TikTok app how to use it

TikTok is a global social network of video clip makers who like to shoot a video clip and share it with friends or the whole world.

The TikTok application platform allows you to record short videos using various specials. effects, overlay your favorite music and use filters. The application has many opportunities for creativity and they are limited only by your imagination..

This unique program combines the capabilities of a video editor and a social network. Now you can shoot, edit and share with everyone on one platform! Let's define the possibilities :

  • Changing appearance with masks;
  • Applying color filters;
  • Special effects for editing original videos in TikTok;
  • Clip cover selection;
  • Broadcasts with friends, subscribers and celebrities;
  • Recording duets and video responses;
  • Huge music library;
  • Millions of interesting videos in the feed;
  • Commenting on clips, approval, subscriptions;
  • Ability to share content on any social networks;
  • Download videos to smartphone. image

To use the TikTok program, it is not at all necessary to rush to shoot and upload your clip. Musicalli can also be used as a video hosting with a personal selection of interests - just put likes on cool videos. This will require a simple registration procedure.

You can use the program without registration. It will be possible to view clips and search by #hashtags. You can watch videos in the recommendations feed, where top clips go, save interesting ones and subscribe to their authors. After that, new clips of your favorites will appear in the subscription feed. And perhaps soon inspiration will come to you, and you will also reveal your face to the world, dressed in a popular mask or, with a hair color that is unusual for you. Or maybe shoot a duet with another user, or join the #slowmochallenge trend..

To use the TikTok program, you need to download it and install it on your device in the application store.

    • For Android - Play.Market to the rescue.
Download for Android
    • For iPhones, use the App Store.
Download for iPhone
    • For Nokia(Winphone) use Microsoft's Marketplace.
Download for Windows Phone
    • For Computers - Bluestax to the rescue!
Login to PC

Important! At the moment, the download link from the WinPhone market will not find the application. However, it is possible that in the future the situation will change, so we advise you to check the button anyway.


Instructions on how to properly install the program on the phone

We went to your store, after which:

  1. We authorize and enter the account in the application market; image
  2. In the search bar, enter TikTok; image
  3. Click on the download button, the application will be installed after download; image Excellent! You can use.


Go through the registration procedure to get access to all the features of the TikTok application without exceptions.

You can use your phone number, email or social media. Give the program consent to the processing of personal data when registering through Vkontakte , Twitter , Facebook , Instagram or Google . image

How to use the TikTok app

  • Recommendations tape. The first thing you'll see when you launch the app is the recommendation tab at the top. Click there, scroll down the feed and see the most popular clips of the moment. You can like videos, comment and share with friends - the corresponding buttons on the right.
  • Subscription feed. The subscription tab, still located at the top, displays your clips and those you follow. Since you are a new user, the feed will be empty. To fix this, just subscribe to other users. image
  • Subscribe. To subscribe to the author of an interesting video and watch his work, go to his account. It's the top button on the right. Click to see his profile. There will be a red subscribe button. And also the number of his likes, fans, subscriptions is indicated and the rest of his clips are posted.
image image


  • Take your clip. To add your video to TikTok, click on the plus at the bottom of the screen. You can shoot with effects or download from your smartphone library. image
  • Search. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to the search page for users, music and hashtags. There are also popular hashtags.


image image


  • Profile. The little man icon at the bottom of the screen is your account. There you can add personal information and change the settings. image
  • Popular trends. Follow all popular trends here:  https://www.tiktok.com/en/trending

Make sure that using TikTok is simple and interesting. Watch the video for an overview of the app.

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