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How to Install the Latest Version of Python on Ubuntu

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How to install the latest version of Python on Ubuntu

Python is developed as an object-oriented programming language which has dynamic semantics making use of built-in high-level data structures, these can be used with dynamic writing so that application development is fully functional but without resorting to large codes, Python supports modules and packages which increases program modularity and code usability..


Python Features
We currently have version 3.11 of Python which offers us features such as:


  • This new version is about 10 to 60% faster than Python 3.10
  • TOML parsing support in the Standard Library
  • New -P command line option in environment variable
  • It is now possible to mark individual TypedDict elements as required or not required
  • Detailed error locations in traces
  • New modules have been added
  • faster cpython
  • Faster execution time
  • Python function calls online




In this tutorial TechnoWikis will explain how to install the latest version of Python on Ubuntu to enjoy this dynamic language.


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How to install the latest version of Python on Ubuntu



Step 1

We open the terminal and install the required PPA:
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa 


Step 2

We enter the password and we will see the following.


Press the Enter key to install the PPA





Step 3

This PPA contains the latest Python versions packaged for Ubuntu which often cannot be installed automatically.




Step 4

We update the repository together with the system packages:
 sudo apt update 


step 5

We install Python 3.11 which is the most recent version using the following command:
 sudo apt install python3.11 


step 6

Enter the letter S to confirm:




step 7

We look at the Python binaries installed on Ubuntu:
 ls -l /usr/bin/python* 


step 8

We validate the Python version using one of the following commands:
 python -V python3 -V 
step 9

We see that it takes the default system version.






step 10

We access Python 3.11 with the command:
step 11

We execute some line with the syntax:
step 12

Press Enter to see the line. We leave with "exit()" or “quit()”.






This is the entire process to install the latest version of Python on Ubuntu..


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