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Don't be fooled: 3 ways to recognize a bad laptop by touch or sight

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Good laptops vs bad laptops


To determine the quality of a laptop , it is not enough to look at the technical specifications. It is generally advisable to look at some computer reviews, especially the cost-benefit factor to find what gives you the most bang for your buck. In addition to that, if you have no idea how to detect if a laptop that is placed in front of you is of good quality , and by that I mean that it is a laptop that lasts, is robust and withstands the hustle and bustle of carrying it here and there , You can perform the physical or durability tests indicated below. Do them with great care and caution to avoid damage to the equipment..

  1. Lift the lid with your finger

Having a laptop open with a single finger, pulling the screen up without lifting or changing position, can be comfortable and practical on many occasions, but perhaps it is more than that. It means that the laptop's hinge , which is the least careful in low-end laptops, has a perfect balance between softness and hardness, to open easily but also with the ability to firmly hold the screen.

It may also be because the weight of the laptop is distributed well or that good materials were used throughout its structure . Laptops that do not pass the test of opening with your finger without moving suggest that there are light or poor quality materials on the front of the laptop and the weight is concentrated at the back..

Be sure to open the laptop by pulling from the center of the lid to do this test. The hinge may be hard if it is the first time you open the laptop, but then its true condition should be visible.

  1. Keyboard sagging

In English slang, this is what is known as deck flex . It's another way to detect a poor quality laptop . What you have to do is type the keyboard or even press in that area with some force. If it sinks, it is a laptop with a fragile and poor quality structure . You want to feel firmness when pressing here and not fear or feeling that you are going to end up damaging, crushing some internal component underneath, or that the keyboard frame will end up breaking or something else..

  1. Lift the laptop from a corner

This is a test that must be done with great care, and will allow us to discover the most fragile laptops that exist. With the laptop open, lift it from one of the corners. If you see or feel that something is bending or twisting, obviously that laptop is not going to last long without careful care.

It is not strange that laptops that are not visible and immune to being hung from a corner eventually end up with a black screen because the screen flex is loosened or disconnected internally , or the keyboard does not respond for the same reason. These are the same laptops whose screen frame usually comes off very easily . This can also be noticed when pressing on the screen. The frame tends to hang in the air or look curved .

Good laptops vs bad laptops

Laptops that do not pass these tests are the type of laptops that you do not want to carry around all the time, because this can end up breaking the case , the screen cover or generating internal disconnections in a relatively easy way. Generally these are the type of low-end laptops or laptops that have good technical specifications at a convenient price compared to others with the same features but at a higher price.

This is also how two seemingly identical laptops with different prices are compared . While the internal components of two laptops will say the same, the difference lies in the build quality . The best laptops have good materials in their structure and a design made to last against abuse and portability, while an economical laptop can be lighter and give that sensation in sight and touch that something is going to happen. break. If you are looking for a laptop that offers a balance between durability and features, several manufacturers have product ranges for this type of user, such as HP's ProBook line , or the Lenovo ThinkPad T series .


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