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Praktika AI: My opinion of this app to learn English by speaking

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One of the problems of wanting to learn English yourself at home is that you don't have anyone to practice with, especially the pronunciation in this language. That's the idea of ​​learning English with the Praktika app. I have tested the application for a few days and although the idea is interesting, it does not convince me..

To begin with, the Praktika application is not free. It is necessary to purchase an annual subscription of $100 per year, although you can do a free trial for seven days. Honestly, I don't consider it worth paying this amount, considering that there are many free resources on the Internet and apps to learn English in multiple ways, including pronunciation.

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The most interesting part of Praktika AI is that, once it evaluates your level of English (B1 in my case), it allows you to choose the avatar of an artificial intelligence to converse with it as if it were a person. However, it is not like a video call or real-time conversation. It is simply a conversation using voice messages. The avatar asks you something and after you finish listening, you press the microphone to send your answer in English..

The drawback of Praktika is that its cost-benefit does not compensate the user. Intelligence is limited to asking question after question about a particular topic, with questions like “what do you think about this”, a conversation that becomes boring and tedious.

The app barely gives you feedback on what you say, occasionally when you conjugate a verb wrong or use a word incorrectly, for example. This is especially true in the grammar lesson. However, in other chapters, in most cases it doesn't, so you can understand that what you said is fine, when it is completely meaningless. I've tried nonsense phrases during the assessment and conversational chapters and the app assumes that the nonsense I said is okay. Here it is critical that the app corrects where it should and does not do so either in terms of spelling or grammar..

In short, during my trial period I have realized that the Praktika AI subscription is not worth paying for. It would be nice if it were free. With the launch of Chat GPT 4o (the “o” stands for omnimodal), what Praktika AI offers could theoretically be achieved for free with GPT 4o, so there is no point in paying for a tool to learn English or converse in this language. In fact GPT 4o is supposed to work in real time, so this would leave apps like Praktika behind. Considering all this, the 4.8/5 rating of this app on Google Play does not convince me at all.

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