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How to record Messenger video call on iPhone

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Facebook is the social network most used by millions of users, who daily enter the platform to communicate with their friends, but also to see news, videos that have been uploaded by different profiles or pages that they follow or simply to have a fun time . In addition there is also the option of uploading your own content either in the profile or in the form of a 24-hour story, which disappears the day it is published.

There is no doubt that the options offered by the platform are varied. But in addition to all this, Facebook has the Messenger application, which offers direct and private messaging among users. Thanks to this app, you can connect through chat with the people with whom we have connected on Facebook, but you can also make video calls. The question is, what if you want to record that video call from iPhone? The answer is very simple and below we explain how to do it simply and quickly and without having to download any external app on your mobile.

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Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter messenger and select the contact with whom you want to make the video call and record it from iPhone.


Step 2

Then you have to click on the icon at the top in the form of a video to start the video call.


Step 3

Now you must select the record iPhone screen icon from the control center, so that the recording begins.


Step 4

The phone screen will be recorded with included audio.


Step 5

Once this is finished, you will be able to record and access it from the mobile gallery.


In this simple way you will be able to record the Messenger video calls on iPhone in a simple way and without having to download any application on the phone.

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