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How to create a Room and Create Link in Zoom

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New technologies allow us to connect remotely with friends, partners, family or coworkers in a totally safe and functional way by avoiding trips to various places (many of them remote) optimizing both the time and the available resources. One of the appropriate applications to make Android video calls of functions is Zoom which has been taking new forces in recent times and thanks to it we will be able to enjoy special functions to make the most of our meetings. One of them is mentioned by Zoom and today we will see how to easily create a rune in Zoom on PC and Android. We will also see how to create a zoom link and then send a Zoom link to be added to a meeting.

Download zoom
Zoom is available for free, although there are upgrade options, at the following links:
Android Zoom
Zoom Windows
Zoom iOS

TechnoWikis wants to explain to you today how you can create a Zoom room and how to send a Zoom link where a meeting is scheduled and users and other available variables are specified.

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1. How to create a room in Zoom PC

There are several options to do this in Zoom, either as a host or by scheduling the meeting, we will see both options for PC zoom.
How to host in zoom
To know how to be a zoom host we must access the Zoom application and in the “New meeting” section select one of the following options:
  • Start the meeting with or without video
  • Use the ID to access

Once the meeting starts we go to the "Invite" section and there we can search for local contacts or use email for it:


Here we can use some of the available clients or use the lower buttons "Copy URL" or "Copy invitation". In this case we have copied the invitation and now we will simply send it by mail or other means for the user to receive it and access it from the link. So we can create the room as hosts in Zoom.


How to Schedule Zoom Meeting
This in a process that allows us to create a meeting that can be recurring, to create this room with this method we go to the Zoom application and we go to the "Schedule" option: image

The following will be displayed:


First, we can define the name of the meeting to be scheduled and after this define the date, time, time zone and duration of the meeting:


In the free plan, only meetings of maximum 40 minutes are allowed.

We can activate the “Recurring meeting” box if it is a meeting that will be held frequently and we will see that the date, time and duration options are disabled:


For security we can activate the “Require password” box and specify what it will be for access, as well as specify whether we will use our account ID or we will use a random one.

In the multimedia options we will be able to enable or not the audio and video both in the host and in the participants and define what hardware resource will be used (local or external).

In the "Calendar" section we have the opportunity to add this meeting to the Outlook, Google or any other calendar that we manage, for this we must activate the necessary box.

At the bottom we find the "Advanced Options" section where it will be possible:

  • Mute users when they enter the room.
  • Enable the meeting waiting room.
  • Record automatically.
  • Allow users to access before the host.


Once these values ​​are defined, we click on “Schedule” and we will see the following:


This will redirect us to the selected calendar where we will see details of it:


In case of selecting “Other calendar”, when the meeting is scheduled we will see the following. There we can click on the button "Copy to clipboard" and this will be the syntax that we can then with the URL and access credentials for users.


This is the process to create a Zoom room on PC.

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2. How to create a room in Android Zoom

Step 1

In the case of Android, the case is similar, firstly, we access the application and there we click on the “Program” option:


Step 2

After this we assign the desired name to the meeting and proceed to define the date of the meeting:


Step 3

We assign the meeting time:


Step 4

After this it will be possible to configure aspects such as:
  • Time zone
  • Make use of personal ID
  • Set access password


Step 5

At the bottom we find the advanced options where it will be possible:
  • Activate or Zoom audio and video
  • Enable the waiting room
  • Record automatically etc.


Step 6

When everything is configured, click on "Done" and we must allow Zoom to access the calendar:


Step 7

We will define with which calendar the meeting is to be integrated in Zoom:


Step 8

After this, the message that will be sent to Zoom users will be available so that they know about the meeting:


It's that simple to create a Zoom room and generate a Zoom link to establish all kinds of meetings with the best features.

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