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Automatically dial an extension number from Android

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Save an extension number in the phone book
Modify the waiting time by dialing the extension number
Add an extension number to a contact's phone number
Add a break


If you are used to calling your spouse or colleague directly from their workplace, you will probably need to dial an extension number. However, as you already know, dialing the identifier of a position on the dialing keyboard of an Android smartphone can be daunting in the long run, especially when on the move. The little trick that we are going to present to you will allow you to dial an extension number automatically without even looking at the screen of your mobile..

Save an extension number in the phone book

The smartphone is certainly the greatest invention in the field of communication since the appearance of the telephone. You can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere, but you can also order a taxi, listen to music, consult a recipe or take a photo.

In a few years, the smartphone has revolutionized our life. The whole world has entered a new era and obsolete a host of everyday objects. But as powerful as it is, the smart phone has still not succeeded in crowding out the little sticky note on which the professional numbers of his friends and contacts have been noted. You know the little sticky note on which we have scribbled very important information and on which we can never get our hands on..

If you have to regularly contact correspondents who do not have a direct line, it can become annoying to use the dialing keypad of the telephony application. Obviously this operation involves having your eyes riveted on the screen of your mobile and knowing the number of your correspondent. To avoid this little inconvenience, it is possible to associate in the contact card of one of your correspondents his extension number.

Once this feature is activated, you can automatically dial a call without going through the switchboard or even entering a code on the touch screen of your terminal. You can also say goodbye to your reminder..

Add an extension number to a contact's phone number

The steps given below work with a large number of Android smartphone models. However, if you encounter difficulties during the steps presented below, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this tutorial.

  • Open the Contact application on your mobile
  • Select from the list the person to whom you want to add an extension number
  • Open his contact card
  • Click on the pencil icon to modify its information
  • Touch the field corresponding to his phone number
  • Using an Android keyboard you will insert a comma at the end of the phone number. This symbol will tell your smartphone to pause image
  • Enter the correspondent's workstation number to the right of the decimal point (without leaving a space).
  • For example if the number of your correspondent is 00 00 00 00 00 and his extension number 123, you will have to enter the following sequence of digits: 0000000000,123
  • Save the modifications made on the contact card

From now on, as soon as you click on the name of your contact, the Directory application on your smartphone will take care of calling your correspondent and then automatically dialing their office number once the call is established with the telephone exchange.

Modify the waiting time by dialing the extension number

The method presented above does not work with all professional telephone standards . Certain multiline telephony solutions require the parties to listen to a message before dialing the extension number.

In order for the telephone exchange to detect the entry of your number, you will need to add pause times. Here is the method to ask your mobile to wait a few seconds before dialing the number of your correspondent.

  • Have a stopwatch
  • Call the switchboard managing your contact's calls
  • Measure the waiting time between contacting the switchboard and requesting an extension number
  • Then launch the Contact application
  • Select from the list the contact card of your correspondent
  • Click on their telephone number to modify the data entered
  • Then depending on the waiting time measured previously, you will insert one or more commas between his telephone number and his extension number. For information, each comma corresponds to a two-second pause.

As with the previous method, all you have to do now is open the Telephony application and then click on the name of the person you want to reach. When your smartphone dials the phone number of your correspondent, it will mark a two-second pause for each comma encountered. It is only after the waiting period has passed that he will dial the extension number .

Add a break

Many companies use pre-hung message systems. It is in fact a short recorded message whose primary purpose is to welcome the customer by presenting the company (hook followed by a polite message). You have heard of some of them. The entire TechnoWikis team welcomes you and strives to make your wait pleasantly shorter. Please stay online. We will follow up on your call.

Unfortunately, some telephone systems prevent entry of the extension number until the introductory message has been broadcast in full. However, there is a method to work around this problem.

  • Open the phone book of your smartphone
  • Change the phone number image
  • Add a semicolon between the phone number and the extension number. Concretely it will give that: 0000000000; 123 image

Now every time you make a call, a message will appear on the screen of your smartphone asking if you want to dial the extension number. You just have to wait for the end of the pre-recorded message then click on the pause button to start the automatic entry of the extension number.

The methods presented can be used with most Android smartphones sold worldwide. Depending on the overlays used by the manufacturers, the procedures may vary slightly. In case of problems, do not forget to leave a message in the comments specifying the type of phone used.

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