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IPhone apps to find the tattoo of your dreams

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Choosing your tattoo design is an intimidating and scary experience. This permanent decoration will accompany you all your life. Before you start, you must be sure of the desired pattern. Here is an application for iPhone to help you choose the tattoo design that suits you best..

How to choose a tattoo

For ten years, tattooing has experienced an unprecedented boom and we can no longer count the number of men and women who have embarked on the adventure. But beware ! Getting a tattoo is not a trivial act. The area of ​​the body and the choice of pattern must be carefully reflected.

You can take inspiration from existing tattoos. There are countless online photo galleries offering all kinds of patterns. Instagram and Pinterest are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Watercolor, micro-tattoo, tribal, old school, dart point or horror, we find all tattoo styles on social networks..

Instattoo, a tattoo model simulator for iPhone

Are you looking for a tattoo that is out of the ordinary, but you can't draw? No anxiety. The Instattoo app is one of the best tattoo generator for iPhone and iPad. Each pattern is created randomly using an artificial intelligence module.

  • Download the Instattoo app from the App Store
  • Start the body art pattern generator
  • Select a pattern, style and size
  • Swipe your finger on the screen to change the pattern (principle of the kaleidoscope) and thus create new variations image
  • Repeat this until you get a pattern that you really like
  • Then save the drawing in your personal gallery
  • You can also share your creation on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr) or print it in high resolution

The user interface makes the process of creating patterns extremely simple. In just a few clicks, you can get a custom design. The application is capable of producing several million original tattoos. Now you just have to find the right tattoo artist..

The Instattoo app mainly generates tribal style tattoos. It is one of the major trends in body art that is highly prized by both men and women. The Tribal style is characterized by thick curved lines with flat areas of black.

The patterns are very much inspired by the designs used in the Pacific islands. This is also not very surprising because as you may know, the origin of the word tattoo is to be sought on the side of Polynesia. Indeed, in Tahitian tatau means to draw or mark and derives itself from the expression Ta-atouas.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a tattoo

A tattoo is a choice for life. The permanent nature of this type of ornament leaves no room for doubt. This means that before placing your body under the tattoo artist's needle, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Start already by determining the size of your tattoo and where you want to place it. Also ask yourself if you would be proud to mount it to your children. Many mock the opinions of others and then bitterly regret it.

It is better to start with a small pattern and not to get too influenced by what you can see on the net. The watercolor tattoo has fascinated people a lot for the past few months. But nothing says that this very colorful style will continue to be all the rage in a few years.

Tattoo: mistakes to avoid

No one knows what tomorrow will be like. Unemployment, routine or a move may force you to change your industry. Please note it is not always easy to reconcile work and tattooing. The latter is sometimes frowned upon by recruiters and may be a barrier to hiring.

You should therefore avoid getting a tattoo in places that you cannot hide, such as your hands, neck, face or wrists. Likewise, you should never get a tattoo of the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend of the moment. In ten years, you may regret it.

Don't tattoo to shock people or wow your friends after a bet. As a teenager, you want to enjoy the present moment without worrying too much about the future. In absolute terms, the tattoo motif must be timeless. Last tip, don't forget to bite the bullet and not move. Whatever tattoo artists say, it's a tough time to pass.

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