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Bypass SMS verification system on sites

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Most large websites and social networks use an SMS verification system to verify the identity of the user. Even if this process strengthens account security, one can legitimately wonder if this protective measure is not used to enrich the customer databases of certain marketing companies. We are showing you a trick to bypass the SMS authentication system and not provide your real mobile phone number..

Stop using your mobile number when registering for an internet service

The SMS verification system provides Internet users with real security benefits. It creates additional protection in case your password is stolen by a hacker. However in some cases, one may wonder if authentication by SMS is really useful.

If giving your personal phone number to a website is problematic, we will see that there are solutions to work around this verification system. Several companies offer virtual phone numbers..

But be careful not to be seduced by the free disposable number sites. There are dozens of them on the net. They are easily recognizable with their look of 90s sites. Their design does not really give confidence and this is not surprising.

Firstly, it is not clear what they do with the personal data contained in the messages. In addition, the SMS you will receive will appear in plain text on their site without any protection. In other words, any internet user connected to the site will be able to see your secret code. Even if the risks of piracy via this process are relatively low, they exist..

But that's not all. Most of the free phone numbers have already been used by other users. They will therefore not work on most internet services. Remember that sites prevent people from using the same number more than once.

Generate virtual mobile numbers on your smartphone

The mobile number is something very personal. Nobody likes to broadcast their 06 or 07 to strangers. Based on this principle, the Onoff application offers mobile users to generate mobile phone numbers according to their needs.

image The latter works with all smartphones and requires only one SIM card. Once the number has been created, you can use it to make or receive calls as well as text messages. In this link you will find the user manual for creating several phone numbers on a mobile phone with the Onoff application.

Note that the service is billed at 2.99 euros per month. All calls and messages sent via your virtual number will be automatically deducted from your mobile subscription. This is an inexpensive and very simple solution to activate internet accounts or social networks without revealing your mobile number.

Authentication of internet services via SMS

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple and many other tech giants force their users to enter a valid phone number to access their services. You may be wondering why these companies ask you to provide this type of information? Do you fear an intrusion into your private life?

Despite all the precautions you can take, no one is immune to a computer attack. To limit the risks, most sites have adopted a security process called double factor authentication. This verification system offers two advantages.

On the one hand, it increases the security level of an internet account or that of a social network by requesting a secret code in addition to a password. On the other hand, this solution guarantees the identity of the user and allows companies to know if it is a human being or a malicious robot.

How double authentication works

When you register on one of the sites offering double authentication, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a confirmation SMS containing a secret code directly on your phone. image Then simply enter in the field provided for this purpose the code sent by message to validate the registration of your account.

Once the dual factor system is in place, you will greatly reduce the possibility of having your accounts hacked. Because even if the hacker manages to steal your password from a poorly secured server, he will not be able to access your smartphone to recover the secret code.

Obviously as you already know no computer system is completely secure. Some hackers can intercept text messages sent during two-factor authentication. However, this type of attack proves to be particularly complex to implement. This is why they remain relatively rare.

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