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Tips and tricks to master Google Translate

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For those who are used to going outside France or surfing foreign websites, Google Translate might be of use to you. Indeed the translation tool turns out to be one of the best online translators for Android. Think you know everything about Google Translate? Here are some tips and tricks that may surprise you..

The basic functions of Google Translate for Android

No need to carry dictionaries and other conversation guides when you go abroad. With a simple Android smartphone equipped with Google Translate or Google Trad for friends, you can translate any text into your mother tongue. And all this without paying a single penny (apart from a few MB on your mobile plan).

Like all the tools offered by the American search engine, Google Translate stands out for its ease of use. Once the application is downloaded from the Play Store, just type its text and then select the original language (usually Google Translate can detect it by itself as a big one). Then select the language into which you want to translate your text and not even a second later, the translation is displayed directly on the screen of your mobile..

You can even listen to your translation. To do this, simply click on the small icon in the shape of a megaphone to trigger audio playback of your translated text . And do not think that the Google translation tool is limited to a few languages. In its latest version, it is capable of handling no less than 103 languages.

Use Google Translate without an internet connection

Even if Google Translate will never replace the services of a professional translator, the application still offers a very acceptable result. The system is capable of translating most texts fairly faithfully..

And the American company continues to redouble its efforts to improve the general quality of its translations. The imminent arrival of an artificial intelligence module should make it possible to pass a higher level. It then remains to resolve the internet connection problems.

image We do not always think about it and yet abroad it is relatively difficult to benefit from a good quality internet connection. Roaming charges and travel options offered by operators remain relatively expensive. What dissuade any smartphone owner from using Google Translate.

Fortunately, the translation application offers a very efficient offline mode allowing you to download one or more language packs at home. This tip will allow you to perform translations wherever you are and even without an internet connection.

  • Cut your data connection (3G or 4G)
  • Activate Wifi so that your smartphone can connect to your internet box
  • Launch the Google Translate app
  • Click on the Menu button then on Settings and finally offline translation
  • Select the language of your choice
  • Click on the arrow symbol to start downloading the language pack

Note that the English pack is present by default on your smartphone. Be careful not to download too many different languages. Each pack remains relatively large. To remove a language from your device, you will need to go to the offline translation section and then click on the trash can icon.

Live translation of conversations

The interpreters have reason to worry. Thanks to its conversation function, the Google tool is now able to perform an audio translation between two individuals. Your words are captured by the microphone of your smartphone then analyzed by the application and translated on the fly then read in the language of your interlocutor.

Obviously the system works in both directions. When he answers you, the application will translate his words and then pronounce them in your mother tongue via text-to-speech from Android.

  • Open the Google Translate app
  • In the upper part of the screen, select your mother tongue and that of your contact
  • Click on the microphone icon
  • Wait for the application to translate your words
  • To interrupt the conversation function click on the microphone icon

No need to dream, Google's chat function will not allow you to follow a sustained conversation with another person who does not speak your language. However, the function is very practical for obtaining information (booking a hotel room, asking directions) on vacation abroad.

Translate photographed text

This is certainly the most popular feature among Google Translate users. The camera mode allows you to translate text in 37 languages ​​without having to use the keyboard of your smartphone. image The optical character recognition (OCR) technology integrated into the Google Translate application will instantly translate all the texts taken in the photo.

  • Launch the Google Translate app
  • Select the source language and then the language into which you want your text to be translated
  • Press the instant translation button
  • Frame the text you want to translate correctly
  • If you have activated the instant translation option in the application settings, the translation will automatically appear on your smartphone screen.
  • If nothing appears, press the shutter button
  • Highlight the sentences or words you want to translate
  • Then click on the arrow to the right of your text to obtain the translation

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