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How to Play PC Games on Android Mobile

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The idea of ​​launching a game designed for a Windows computer on an Android smartphone may seem totally absurd but know that it is quite possible. The trick that we are going to reveal to you today will allow you to run your games on a PC and stream the images directly to the screen of your smartphone..

Display your favorite PC games on your mobile screen

This is a solution that will bring all gamers to agree. With the Remotr app, enjoying PC games on your mobile has never been easier. The streaming technology developed by the publisher of this app allows free access to all PC games on your Android smartphone or tablet. And, unlike Nvidia's Grid service, Remotr does not require the purchase of expensive accessories or equipment.

image The only obligation is to install client software on the Windows computer and an application on the Android terminal. And then once you feel like going for a game to relax, rather than putting yourself on your desk in front of the computer, sit on your sofa with your mobile. You will see that it is much more pleasant to play in these conditions..

You will just have to make sure that your PC and your portable device are well connected to the same Wifi network. image Finally on the configuration side, to make the most of your games, it is recommended to have a computer equipped with a dual-core processor and a powerful graphics card.

Install Remotr software on your PC

The vast majority of titles offered on the Play Store are in fact adaptations of games for PC released a few years ago. Rather than spending your money on the purchase of these mobile adaptations we will see how to stream PC games (recent or old) to an Android terminal..

  • Stand in front of your PC
  • Launch your web browser
  • Open the Remotr website available at this address http://remotrapp.com/
  • Download Remotr for PC software for Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Then click on the file to start the installation
  • Once installed, click on the icon on the Windows desktop to launch it
  • Create an account by clicking on the heading New Account

After a few minutes, you should normally see the list of games installed on your PC. If one of the titles does not appear, you will then have to click on the Add Game button then to select in the tree structure of your hard disk the executable file of the game.

Set up Remotr Game Streaming on Android

Now that you have configured the client software, we will now take care of the configuration of your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Launch the Google Play Store
  • Install the Remotr Game Streaming app by clicking on this link
  • Open the app
  • Enter the credentials of your Remotr account (email address and password) in order to synchronize your PC with your Android terminal
  • Then click on the name of your computer image

If the operation was successful, you should see a list of all the games installed on your PC. It sometimes happens that certain titles refuse to appear. image Close and relaunch the application. Then choose a game and click on it to launch it. Then you just need to use your finger to perform movements or actions.

Define the different control modes on the touch screen

Depending on the type of video game used, the absence of a mouse or keyboard will quickly be felt. Fortunately, the Remotr application has a module to emulate the controls of these two devices directly on the touch screen of your smartphone.

  • Start a game
  • Click on the Remotr label at the top right of the window
  • Then press Edit Controls
  • Select the type of device used
  • Then perform the key mapping

Increase the pleasure of playing a Bluetooth controller

Apart from the size of the screen, it is especially the absence of a real gamepad that is likely to pose big problems for gamers. Even if smartphones and tablets offer a great wealth of movement, a joystick equipped with a directional pad, triggers and fire buttons provides greater precision.

For those who would like to connect a Bluetooth joystick to their Android phone, I invite them to go take a look at this article: how to use a gamepad on an Android mobile.

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