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6 apps to create great photo effects with an iPhone

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The iPhone camera allows you to take pictures worthy of the best mid-range SLRs. To make your photos even more beautiful and make them real works of art, we have selected for you the six best photo editing applications available on the App Store..

Photo editing tools for iPhone

Are you one of those people who find their photos lacking in originality and impact? You envy the selfies of your friends, always perfect and whatever the angle of view. No matter how hard you try in the world, you still can't get images as incredible as the ones you see on social media?

Rest assured, we will reveal the secrets to achieving the perfect photo. Many people ignore this, but the vast majority of influencers on Instagram use photo editing apps to improve the quality of their shots. These tools allow you to add effects, filters in order to obtain glamorous photos worthy of magazines.

To help you find the ideal photo editing application, we took a look at the App Store and selected the 6 most interesting photo apps. Artistic filters, cropping tool, exposure control in short everything you need to enhance the photos taken with your iPhone..


We start this selection with the Pixomatic application. This ultra-complete retouching tool offers various functions, including an automatic clipping system to create sublime photo montages.

However, the real asset of this application lies in its intelligent cutting tool capable of separating an object or a prominent character from a background. Just tap on one of the elements of the photo to select it and extract it from an image..

image Now with a simple iPhone, it is possible to separate a foreground image from a background as with a powerful photo editor for Mac or PC. Pixomatic is one of the first iOs applications to offer this level of quality.

image But beware this application is not limited to clipping photos. It also offers a large number of filters and stickers to make superb photomontages . Pixomatic is available on the App Store for 5.99 euros.


You like to eat beautiful pictures. That's good. Here is the application that all foodporn fans should install on their iPhone. Whether you are a blogger or simply addicted to social networks, Foodie will allow you in a few clicks to sublimate all your food photos.

image On the menu, 24 filters (Picnic, Barecue, Yum etc…), a timer to capture the perfect moment, intelligent development to highlight the dish and blur the background. The Foodie app also has an ingenious spirit level to help you take straight photos.

The application offers different shortcuts to share in one click your achievements on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc ... Also remember to activate the silent mode. Some restaurateurs moderately appreciate seeing photos of their culinary creations on social networks.

image This practice is also prohibited in certain countries. This is particularly the case in Germany where posting a photo of a plate without the chef's consent is a crime. On the other side of the Rhine, the careful dressing of plates is considered a work protected by copyright.

Over Edit

We all know, social networks are fond of attractive visuals. This type of content gets three times more engagement than a post made up of simple text. Problem, not everyone has the skills or the know-how of a graphic designer.

Do not panic, there are many tools on the App Store to create superb images. Over Edit & Add a Text is certainly one of the easiest photo editing tools to use. image The application integrates many models, graphics and decorative elements such as badges, borders, patterns, fonts or illustrations.

Once you've selected your image, it's easy to add text. In a few minutes, you will be able to create remarkable images as well as business cards, covers for your electronic books (PDF or Kindle), leaflets, etc.


image PicsArt is certainly the most popular mobile photo editor in the world. Cropping, rotation, mask, cutting, filter, cropping it lacks nothing. The list of features is so long that it would take several pages.

image The application also has one of the largest collections of images and stickers in the world. There is something for every taste. When you're done, you can share your masterpieces with the huge PicsArt community.


You cannot improvise yourself as a photographer. With the Faded app, you will be able to sublimate your shots. By default, this photo application has 34 free filters to which you must add the 36 premium filters available in the online store.

image And unlike other solutions, Faded offers you to modify the appearance of a photo before it is taken. Its camera function advantageously replaces that provided by Apple and extends the functionality of your camera.

You will be able to control exposure, focus and take advantage of different shooting modes. All the essential features are gathered on the shooting screen.

Bokeh Lens

With the Bokeh Lens app, your iPhone directly attacks SLR cameras. With a single click, your smartphone captures images of a quality comparable to that of its competitor specialized in photo.

Bokeh Lens allows you to obtain magnificent background blurring by playing on the depth of field giving a reflex effect. Without knowing anything about photography techniques, it becomes possible to obtain images with a professional rendering.

To do this, you will need to select the background with your finger and then apply a filter to it to blur this area. Result, the subject appears sharp and stands out from the rest of the photo. It allows you to focus the reader's attention on an object or a person you want to highlight.

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