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How to cancel the purchase of an app on the App Store

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The risk of accidental app purchases is far from negligible. An unfortunate click, a handling error or just your child playing with your phone, these are all reasons that may one day lead you to want to request the cancellation and refund of an app on the App Store. You do not know how ? We will explain everything to you..

Accidental purchase from the iTunes Store or the App Store

We always think it happens to others. And then one day, without really realizing it, we find ourselves accidentally downloading a paid application from the App Store. It is generally at this point that we regret not having implemented the system of purchase restrictions allowing us to request a password before each download of apps or content from the App Store or the iTunes Store. But now it's too late.

How to get a refund on a purchase on the App Store

Fortunately for you, Apple has implemented a procedure to be reimbursed for an application . Here's how

  • Launch iTunes
  • Select the section Your account and then click on Purchase history
  • From this page you can view all purchases made from the Apple store whether applications or multimedia content such as movies, music or e-books
  • Click the Report Error button
  • Then choose from the list the application purchased by mistake
  • You will then be asked to explain the reasons that prompted you to request a reimbursement.
  • Select the answer that best fits your problem from the drop-down menu

Remember that this system was not set up to test an application for free. Beyond a certain number of refunds, the user's account will be automatically placed on a black list. No more refunds will be authorized..

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