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Andy: the Android emulator for PC and Mac

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More and more people want to use their Android applications but also their games (Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Clash Royal etc.) on a large screen. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the Andy Android emulator. Thanks to it you will be able to use your favorite applications and mobile games on a Windows computer or on a Mac..

Install Android on your computer

You will have understood by reading the first lines of this article, no need to be a technology expert to enjoy the Android world on your PC or MacBook. The Andy emulator is very easy to use virtualization software . Once it is installed on your machine, you can use any application available on the Play Store.

image It will thus be possible to launch attacks on Clash of Clans by taking advantage of the precision of a mouse and thus recover a maximum of resources. Some titles like FPS or racing games are easier to use with a keyboard or gamepad..

Use your apps without using a smartphone

Many Internet users still think that emulators are reserved for gamers. It's wrong. With Andy OS you can enjoy any mobile application thanks to its Google account synchronization system.

Nothing will prevent you for example from chatting with your friends on Facebook Messenger, on WhatsApp or on Snapchat directly from your computer. If you are the very talkative type, this option should appeal to you. We all know that typing on a physical keyboard is still much more comfortable than on a touch screen..

Unfortunately still today many mobile messaging applications do not have a computer version or even a web version that can be viewed from a browser. Andy offers you the possibility to connect to your social networks while enjoying the comfort and power of your PC or Mac.

Where to download the Android emulator?

The Andy OS software is available for free download from the publisher's website at this address. Please note, its use requires a recent machine with a RAM of at least 8 GB of RAM. Below this limit you may encounter numerous jerks. The emulation is very greedy in system resources.

Finally, last important point, don't forget to synchronize your Google account with Andy software. If you skip this step impossible for you to take advantage of the huge catalog of the Play Store. It would still be a shame.

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