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How to get rid of Game Center bugs on iPhone

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Since its creation, the iPhone's operating system has been known and recognized for its great stability. Nevertheless, some applications are sometimes very capricious. This is particularly the case with Game Center, some games of which simply refuse to launch. Here is a tip to fix repeated crashing problems in the Game Center app..

iOs 9 and Game Center

Updates are normally expected to bring new functionality and correct malfunctions from previous versions. Regarding iOS 9, Apple seems to have encountered some difficulties when deploying the new version of its mobile operating system.

Fortunately, things seem to be back in order today. However, some users still complain about repeated crashes when launching Game Center . The iPhone multiplayer online social network seems to be affected by multiple bugs..

Depending on the case, these problems turn out to be more or less penalizing. Some games refuse for example to launch and in the most serious cases Game Center causes a system crash . Rather boring, right?

Put an end to Game Center bugs

If you are one of the iPhone or iPad users to encounter this type of problem, know that there is a manipulation capable of eradicating crashes. Obviously this solution is not 100% effective but it still manages to solve many problems. Here is the procedure for correcting this manually.

  • Click the Settings icon on the home screen of your Apple mobile
  • Then select the Game Center section image
  • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the page image
  • Choose the disconnect option image
  • Then restart your phone
  • Open the Settings app
  • In the General section, select Date and time and check the Automatic adjustment box.
  • Reconnect to your Game Center account

Update your iPhone

Now take a test. Try opening the Game Center app and then launch a game that requires a connection to the Apple gaming network. If it still doesn't work, check to see if there's an update for your device..

  • Connect your mobile to a power outlet
  • Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network broadcast by your Internet Box
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Then click General and Update software
  • If your device is compatible with one of the available updates, tap download and install and follow the on-screen instructions

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