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How to use a promo code on the App Store

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Internet users have become accustomed for several years to using promo codes before validating their shopping cart. All e-commerce sites offer them on their online store. The phenomenon is not sparing Apple's application download platform. In this tutorial learn how to use a promo code on the App Store..

E-commerce and discount codes

Promo codes and other dematerialized coupons have become essential marketing tools for selling on the internet. Proof of this success, more than one in three Internet users admits to systematically searching for a promo code before placing an order.

The recent drop in purchasing power is no doubt not unrelated to this phenomenon. It has changed consumer behavior and traders have had no choice but to adapt. It is therefore no coincidence that the Apple application store has been offering a system of discount codes for several years..

Download paid applications for free

Unlike other leaders in e-commerce, Apple's couponnig is not limited to discounts. Some codes also allow you to download paid applications without paying a single penny.

Indeed for several years the application developers have benefited from a system to promote their creations. Thanks to him they can generate hundreds of coupon codes in order to offer their applications for free to people of their choice..

These codes are found in many competitions. You may have already won one. Unfortunately few people really know how to use them. Once in hand we do not necessarily know what to do with it.

Take advantage of coupon codes from the App Store

As you will see in this tutorial, the use of a promo code on the Apple app download platform does not present any particular difficulty. You will just have to make sure that the coupon validation period has not expired.

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad
  • Then click on the selection tab
  • Bring the window down to the bottom
  • Press the Redeem button
  • Depending on the settings of your iPhone, the App Store may ask you to authenticate yourself (Apple IDs)
  • Select the option Enter your code manually
  • Then enter the number displayed on your discount coupon via the virtual keyboard of your mobile device
  • Validate by clicking on Use

Once the operation is complete, you can proceed with the purchase of the application. Note that the procedure is identical for iTunes gift cards. For the latter, the code can be entered via the photo application on your iPhone or iPad.

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