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How to take advantage of AirPlay on Windows

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What could be more pleasant than watching photos and videos stored on your mobile or computer on the living room television. Unfortunately, we must admit this solution is sometimes difficult to implement. Those who have tried to send a movie from a PC to an Apple TV know what I'm talking about. We will see today how to use AirPlay on Windows..

Streaming video in Apple sauce

No need to introduce you to AirPlay? The multimedia content sharing protocol created by Apple is today recognized as one of the best streaming systems in the world. The only problem is that AirPlay technology is only available on devices that hit an apple. As often, the Cupertino company did not want to open its streaming protocol to other environments such as Windows.

And yet what a joy to be able to watch as a family, sitting on a good sofa a film stored on a computer. With AirPlay no need to get out of the cables. You can easily access the files stored on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). You can also replicate the display of a computer on a Freebox or on television connected to an Apple TV..

How to turn a PC into an AirPlay compatible device

So far to enjoy the content of your PC on a TV connected to the Apple box you have no choice but to use iTunes. It is still today the only software capable of broadcasting sound and video from Windows to an Apple TV.

For those who would like to broadcast what is displayed on their PC screen on their TV, you will have no other choice than to use the Air Parrot 2 software. image Sold for $ 12.99, the latter offers the possibility to copy the entire screen of your Windows computer to the Apple media center (mirroring), but also to send video or audio streams or to widen your desktop using the TV as a screen booster..

The Air Parrot 2 software supports the 1080p video format as well as 5.1 surrond sound. Important detail the audio mode only allows to broadcast the soundtrack of a video without the images. Very useful for example to enjoy the music of a video clip.

How to broadcast your PC screen on Apple TV

Sharing your PC screen on a TV via an Apple Tv box offers many opportunities (games, films, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)

  • Download the free version limited to 7 days of Air Parrot 2
  • Follow the installation instructions that will appear on the screen
  • Make sure your PC and Apple TV are connected to the same network
  • Click on the Air Parrot icon placed in the task bar next to the clock
  • Select your TV box from the list
  • Your PC screen will magically appear on your television

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