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Manage your budget with the Bankin app for iPhone

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In the not so distant past, most households used an account book to manage the family budget. In the age of the internet and smartphones, the old pencil and the calculator appear as totally outdated tools. We present the Bankin 'app to help you better manage your budget..

A new way to budget for the family

In management there are two schools. Those who spend without counting, not hesitating to subscribe to consumer credits and other revolving credits. And those who scrupulously control their expenses each month (rents, food expenses, vacations, outings, sports activities, etc.).

The appearance of digital has changed our habits and our way of life. When everything is connected, the smartphone appears to many users as the essential tool for managing your accounts ..

Faced with this tsunami, financial organizations have set up banking applications allowing them to consult their accounts directly from a phone. But the phenomenon does not stop there. We are now seeing a new type of budget management application .

Break down your expenses with a smartphone

We all know that keeping your accounts is far from being a pleasure. Fortunately, there are applications today to help us keep an eye on our expenses. image These tools make it very easy to identify our resources (wages, pensions, pensions, annuities, assistance, social benefits) but also our expenses (housing, heating, insurance, credit, etc.) and then classify them by family..

image There are currently dozens of apps on the App Store to manage your budget. While some are very basic, others allow you to have a complete vision of your finances and even automatically retrieve your account statements from several banks. This is particularly the case for Bankin ' .

Manage your finances with Bankin '

Bankin is a free application for iPhone and iPad developed by a French company. Its main strength lies in the possibility of repatriating accounts directly in the app without having to enter them. image

Bankin 'is also compatible with no less than 350 financial institutions. Among the best known are Caisse d'Epargne, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, Boursorama, Crédit Mutuel, Bnp Paribas, Banque Postale, HSBC, Banque Populaire, CIC, Bred, etc.

image In addition to this, Bankin 'is able to monitor your expenses and send you alerts when there is a risk of overdrafts or large movements in your account. The application also has a tool for automating the entry of your invoices and expense reports via the mobile's camera.

On the security side, Bankin 'uses algorithms to protect your data. Access to the application is by means of a secret code. All identifiers and passwords are encrypted and hosted on secure servers. Finally, an important detail: the application has been registered with the CNIL.

How to add bank accounts in Bankin '

image More and more consumers have multiple accounts in different establishments. It's perfectly legal. However, it can quickly become painful and complicated to manage on a daily basis. We will now see how to synchronize all your bank statements in Bankin '.

  • Start by downloading the Bankin 'app from the Apple App Store
  • Once installed on your smartphone, a short tutorial will briefly introduce you to the most important functions of the application
  • Then enter your secure e-mail address and password of at least 8 characters
  • Validate by pressing the button create my account
  • Click on the Menu button then select the my accounts section
  • Press the add account button
  • Select the bank where your account is located
  • Then enter the identifiers and validate
  • Repeat the same operation for your different accounts

Bankin 'will then take care of automatically collecting your bank data. You will be able to be informed almost in real time of the movements on your account. Very useful to avoid being overdrawn and having to pay bank charges.

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