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How to pay your fines with the Amendes.gouv app

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Dematerialization affects all sectors, including those that might have been considered the least inclined to change, such as the payment of fines. as surprising as it may seem there is now an application to pay your tickets directly on your iPhone..

The electronic PV

Let the one of you who has never received a ticket for speeding, annoying or improper parking throw the first stone at me. Each year contractual and police draw up no less than 10 million tickets . Admit it happened to you too?

Little by little the small green sheet slipped under the wiper blade has given way to what is called the electronic PV. No more good old strain notebook. The state agent now reports on a small electronic terminal. A few days after the holder of the gray card receives the fine directly in his mailbox. The digital revolution has also gone through this.

But dematerialization does not only concern administration. Motorists with a ticket can now pay their tickets online without having to leave their home. To do this, all they need to do is connect to the amendes.gouv.fr site and then enter the electronic payment number displayed on the document they received by mail..

How to use the Fines.gov app

image The iPhone is one of the few things you always have with you. It's very simple, we never leave it. And for good reason, there are applications for everything. They can be used for shopping, getting informed, having fun, making sports bets and even paying fines.

Indeed the general direction of public finances has just launched on the App Store a special application to settle its fines directly from its iPhone. No more paperwork or forms to fill out, everything is done online in a few minutes..

Very well designed and with an intuitive interface, the application saves a lot of time. Paying fines is child's play. You would almost get a taste for it.

  • Launch the App Store app
  • Type Amendes.gouv in the search module then install the application
  • Take the ticket received by mail
  • Then click on the device icon to flash the barcode on your fine notice image
  • If it does not work you will have to enter the telephone number in the area provided for this purpose
  • Press the Validate button
  • At the top of the screen you will find information relating to your violation such as for example the amount of the fine as well as the date on which the offense took place image
  • Then enter the number and expiration date of your bank card image

Now you just have to validate the data entered. Payment is made automatically. You can if you wish to receive by email a proof of payment. image We just regret the absence of a function to save his bank information.

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