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Compare the prices of gas stations on Android

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Compare the prices of different fuels
How to use petrol comparator fuel


Auto spending continues to grow every year. Fortunately, finding the cheapest gas station in your city has never been easier. With the petrol fuel comparator application and its geolocation service you will be able to assess prices at the pump without leaving your home..

Compare the prices of different fuels

In these periods of strong economic tension, all solutions are good for reducing your energy bill. To pay less for gasoline , smartphone apps allow you to follow fuel prices in real time at the petrol stations closest to where you are. image This system proves to be particularly practical for knowing precisely the petrol distributors practicing the lowest prices.

No more driving around for hours to locate the best pump. The petrol comparator petrol application offers a classification of the most economical service stations updated very regularly in the agglomeration of your choice..

This selection will not only help you save money but also time. Note that the app lists thousands of stations of all brands, including that of the retail giants (Leclerc, Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, etc.).

How to use petrol comparator fuel

Available for free for Android smartphones and tablets, Essence price comparator (Essence free) provides fuel prices throughout France, Spain, Italy and Morocco. To benefit from it, just follow the following procedure

  • Launch the Play Store app
  • In the search field type Petrol fuel comparator
  • Click on the Install button
  • Accept the different authorizations
  • Check that your phone's GPS is activated
  • Then launch the application
  • Click on the little green button at the bottom of the screen image
  • Select in the new window the type of fuel for which you want to know the price (SP95, SP98, Diesel, E85, LPG)
  • You will then define the maximum detour you are ready to take to find the cheapest gas station
  • Return to the application home screen
  • Select the tab nearby to find out the classification of pumps with the lowest prices image
  • Then click on the name of the gas station of your choice to display its position on a map image

Finally, last important point. The petrol fuel comparator application is compatible with vehicles using the MirrorLink system. image Once your phone is connected, you can use the application directly from the touch screen of your vehicle's multimedia system..

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