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How to count your steps with an Android smartphone

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Many people mistakenly think that only connected watches, pedometers or fitness bracelets can provide an accurate measure of the number of steps taken daily. And yet since the appearance of health applications available for free on the Play Store, it is very easy to count your steps with a simple Android smartphone. TechnoWikis explains how to do it..

Walking the best remedy for losing weight

It's no secret that losing weight requires not only eating a balanced diet, but also moving more. Problem, getting back into sport or starting a physical activity is not easy. Many also give up from the first session for lack of motivation. Rather than launching yourself headlong into a drastic weight loss program with totally unattainable goals, start by walking every day . Regular physical activity not only helps you lose weight but also prevents many cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, but also diabetes.

A sports coach on your smartphone

To help you get back in shape, it is essential to establish a schedule. The important thing is to set a fairly easy goal from the start and gradually increase the intensity of the exercises. For this, get help from a step counter . This companion will allow you to control at every moment of the day the number of steps you have taken. It is the ideal tool to stay motivated during a diet..

Counting your steps without a pedometer

image Today everyone can easily count their steps. No need to invest in expensive devices (fitness bracelets, smart watches). A simple free application can transform any Android smartphone into a pedometer. This is the case, for example, with the Google Fit application . It is also installed by default on most new Android smartphones. For older phones, you can download it for free.

  • Launch the Play Store app
  • In the search field type Google Fit then install the application
  • Then open the Fit app and accept Google’s terms of service
  • Fit will ask you for permission to use your phone's sensors and your location to accurately measure your progress over time
  • Press the I agree button
  • Then click on the Menu button (3 vertically aligned dots) located in the right corner of your screen then on Settings
  • Enter your weight, height and gender

Set goals

The Google Fit app is now set up. We will now be able to set fitness goals. If you have not been doing sports for years, it is important not to set up a totally impractical schedule..

  • Click the Menu button in the Google Fit app image
  • Select Settings then set a goal
  • In the list named Goal Type , select the Steps option
  • Then enter the number of steps you want to take during the day

According to the French High Authority for Health, an adult must walk at least 30 minutes a day. It corresponds to about 2500 steps. Doctors on their side recommend that a healthy adult walk at least 8 km per day. If you're a normal walker, it's about 10,000 steps . The figure may seem huge and yet it is largely achievable. Now it's up to you to set your goals based on your physical condition.

image To help you move more and keep you motivated, Google Fit will send you reminders during the day in the form of notifications and little as if you always had a coach with you. This will help you change your behavior and encourage walking as much as possible, leaving the car in the garage to get bread or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Track physical activity in real time

On the main page of the application, you will find all the data related to your physical activity, namely the number of calories burned , the distance traveled, the duration of your physical activity as well as the number of steps taken. image You can also easily find via Google Maps, the route traveled during your walks. Now you are ready to count the number of your steps.

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