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How to use the keyboard and mouse on the PS5

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The joystick is the console's primary tool. All consoles come with a controller, and for good reason..

Since consoles are mainly associated with the image of the gamer relaxing on his sofa, controllers are much better suited to the setup of a console than a keyboard and mouse. The controller makes it easy to reach all buttons, making great combos much easier in-game.

While most games are optimized to be played using a controller, some PC gamers may find it difficult to play FPS or other games that require precision with a controller. The controller is a much different specimen for FPS gamers; the way to control the movements is completely different than on a gaming mouse..

It's possible to get used to playing with a controller, but most console FPS games are keyboard-mouse compatible, so you may not need to go through the adaptation process and get back to basics. . Playing on console will suddenly be a lot more like PC gameplay, perfect for gamers who have spent decades playing with a mouse.

Here's how to use a keyboard and mouse on the PlayStation 5..

How to use the keyboard and mouse on the PS5?

If you're sure the game you're looking for is compatible with the keyboard and mouse, all you need to do is plug them in. Sony is one step ahead of Microsoft when it comes to keyboard-mouse compatibility. Developers have supported this alternative hookup method since the release of the PS2 in 2000.

  • Turn on the PS5.
  • Plug in your peripherals and wait a few seconds.
  • If you want to customize the default options, go to Options.
  • Go to Devices.
  • Choose to change your mouse or keyboard and make the necessary changes.

Sometimes the PS5 might not recognize the mouse and keyboard instantly, and it would take longer than expected. When this happens, they can be unplugged and plugged back in to restart the system and try again. In the event that your keyboard-mouse doesn't seem to be working, try a different pair to see if the USB port works as expected.

Contact Sony or your place of purchase if you suspect the USB ports are not working, and the warranty should do the rest.

Is it possible to use a wireless keyboard-mouse on PS5?

Image via Razer

Wireless keyboards and mice aren't that much different from their wired rivals. The USB transmitters that come with take care of all data transmission and the console will recognize them as wired devices. Almost all keyboards and mice will work with the PS5, but those who share a single transmitter will still have a chance to surprise you.

The combination of a wireless keyboard and mouse setup generally shares a single transmitter, and the experience will mostly depend on the quality of the transmitter. While a certified wireless keyboard / mouse combo will work without a hitch, free products might disappoint. It is always possible to return them if things don't go as planned.

Even if the mice and keyboards you prefer are wireless, the process will be the same as for wired devices. In order to use wireless gaming stuff with the console, you must:

  • Launch the PS5
  • Connect the wireless transmitter of the keyboard and mouse
  • Wait a few seconds to allow the console to recognize its devices
  • Go to Options to make the other desired changes to the setup
  • Go to Devices and click on it
  • Customize the keyboard and mouse options of your choice

Are there any downsides to playing with a mouse and keyboard on PS5?

While most games are compatible with plug-in methods, they won't let you play against players using a controller. It will be easier to type, search and navigate on the console, but there will be chances to play against PC users via the crossplay feature on the game of your choice.

Almost any shooter can detect what type of device is being used as a hookup method, and you will be separated from the console's matchmaking pool once the keyboard and mouse are plugged in. While it's hard to call it a downside since the PS5 is more than powerful enough to run any game with good refresh rates, a good chunk of PC users will have better FPS than you, especially in playing at a competitive level.

Most gamers try to beat 120 FPS on their PC to get the maximum benefit from the screen refresh rate. The difference will be hard to notice, but anyone with a screen above 120 Hz will see the in-game action faster than others on a 60 Hz screen. The difference may not seem like much, but it is. not the case at high level and to climb the ladder.

But that might not be the case for the game you want to play, so recommend that you check how your favorite titles handle their crossplay, and if they combine PC players with console ones and a keyboard and mouse.

Will the keyboard and mouse shortcuts reset if they are changed to a controller on PS5, and vice versa?

Sony is competent to remember your preferences on in-game options. Sony and the game you will be playing will save shortcuts, whether as user data on the console or uploaded to the cloud for access at any time. .

The keyboard and mouse shortcuts may just disappear when you plug your controller back in, but they'll be waiting for you the next time you need them.

The same applies for controller shortcuts. Custom controller options will be reversed as soon as the keyboard and mouse are unplugged.

Is it still possible to use keyboard and mouse to play non-compatible games on PS5?

Image via CronusMax

While some game designers will take the time to make their games compatible with the keyboard and mouse, others may leave this functionality out. Officially, it's not possible to use the keyboard and mouse for a game developed only for the controller, but there is a way to do it anyway.

Despite being known in console communities to allow keyboard / mouse players to play in games with gamepad players, keyboard / mouse adapters may allow games that are incompatible with the preferred method to be played.

It is not recommended to use it in online games, since playing with a keyboard / mouse against controller players offers an unfair advantage, but it is possible in single-player or non-competitive games. The adapter can override the detection method by translating keyboard / mouse movements on the controller controls, leading the console to believe that the controller is being used.

These adapters come with their own Windows or mobile software, which allows you to choose predefined options depending on the games. Most of these option sets are created by members of the community and aim to bring the gameplay of the game as close as possible to that on the PC.

Although this method is not encouraged by Sony, it is a good alternative for anyone looking to use their console as a mini PC replacement. Since the consoles are very powerful compared to their price, they offer a very good gaming experience, comparable to that of the PC depending on the games in question.

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