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How to gift games to friends on PS5

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The PlayStation 5 is the ultimate gift for any PS fan..

Buying one from your loved ones, however, can be more complicated than expected, since the demand is much higher than the supply at the moment. Most suppliers struggle to fulfill their pre-orders. As with the launch period of previous consoles, scammers are also a must and it is not ideal to pay the PS5 for twice its price.

Whether you've already been gifted a PS5 or picked it up, there's always the possibility of gifting games to your friends. This can allow them to directly launch their console and enjoy it when they have the console..

Beyond the launch period, gifting games is one of the best ways to make an owner happy, since a triple A title can cost around $ 70. There's also no need to search for a theme when purchasing a game, since a quick Google search can see all the new releases and what they're worth to make your decision.

Here's how to gift a PS5 user on your shopping list..

How to gift the digital version of a game to friends on PS5

While it's possible to share your entire game library with your friends on the PS5, it's not possible to send them as gifts. The feature exists on other platforms like Steam, but Sony hasn't made giveaways possible for their console generations.

But there are several ways to keep the surprise of your gift.

Buy games on your account to share them with friends later

If you have a PS5, it is possible to purchase the game and later add it to your account to share with your friend. You will get the title, but your friend will also have full access to the game.

Note that you will need to give your account information to your friend to allow them to download the games to their console through your account, so you have to be confident.

We recommend enabling two-factor authentication before sharing your account, in order to receive a verification code that will allow all connections to be checked.

On the other hand, if you share your PS5 with the person to whom you wish to gift a game, it is also possible to log into their user account to purchase the game on their account; just swap the active user on the PS5 and head over to the PlayStation Store.

Prepare your credit card and complete this procedure a few hours or the day before the gift redemption date. It's okay to buy a game early, but if it ends up on the console, the other person should notice it's there quickly.

Give them PlayStation Store gift cards

Making a big James Bond to offer a game may not be worth it. If so, it is also simply possible to offer a PlayStation Store gift card.

Note that there are 7 PlayStation Store gift cards, and the most recent triple A's cost around € 70. If you have a game in mind, find what its purchase price is and match the gift card.

Here are all the possibilities for PlayStation Store gift cards:

  • € 10
  • 20 €
  • 25 €
  • 50 €
  • 60 €
  • 75 €
  • 100 €
  • PlayStation Plus: One month subscription
  • PlayStation Plus: 3 month subscription
  • PlayStation Plus: 12 month subscription
    • While PS Plus purchases won't include the most recent triple A's, the membership offers two free games each month. For a 3-month subscription, you will therefore offer 6 free mystery games.

Give them physical copies of PS5 games

Donating a digital copy takes less work than buying physical versions. If you don't want to be that person who only gives gift cards, then this choice may be the right one.

Not all PS5 variants have a CD; the digital version of the console does not allow them to be read because it does not have a CD player, so make sure that the person in question has purchased the version of the PS5 which includes the functionality.

If you've made sure, then just buy the physical version. It is possible to do this by taking it on the internet or in a local store. If you want to send it to someone who is far from you, you will have to succeed in having his address without arousing suspicion!

Finally, be sure to take an option that allows you to send it with gift wrap if you take it online.

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