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How to activate Performance Mode on Fornite

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Fortnite  is not the most graphics intensive game on the market. Although the title only requires a weak setup, entering a game with 99 other players could cause the system to overheat and drop in FPS. Since it is not possible to play in a smaller game in public and ranked matches, you will have to compromise elsewhere to improve your FPS in Fortnite ..

Most pros prefer to keep their graphics options low for more performance, making it easier to spot enemies from a distance. If your gaming setup is somewhat old, narrowing down your options may not be enough, but FPS while playing Fortnite can still plunge into intense situations.

But Epic Games has introduced a new solution for gamers who want to improve their FPS. Performance Mode helps reduce the load on the processor and graphics card by reducing overall memory usage. Players will also have the option of removing high resolution textures from their game files, which will allow them to have more space on their hard drive..

Enabling this mode will make Fortnite run smoother than ever, but there are visual downsides too. If your main focus is on performance and you'd like to sacrifice visual quality in exchange for that smooth gameplay feel, you won't have to worry.

Here's how to activate Performance Mode in Fortnite ..

How to activate Performance mode on Fornite ?

Enabling Performance Mode on Fortnite is as easy as changing its view distance.

  • Log into the Epic Games client and launch Fortnite .
  • Once on the main menu, click on the menu button at the top right and choose Options.
  • Go down until you see Rendering Mode in the video options and put it in Performance mode. 
    • It should be noted that the feature is only in alpha phase and there are minor bugs which will be fixed over time.
Once you're on the main menu, click on the menu button with three stripes on the top right corner and choose Settings. - Screengrab via Epic Games
Scroll down until you see the “Rendering Mode” option on Video settings and set it to Performance mode. - Screengrab via Epic Games

Eating a thermal fish with Performance Mode enabled, for example, causes the screen to become uncomfortably bright throughout the duration of the buff. Other than a few minor flaws, visual differences were indistinguishable, but you'll notice the performance improvement as soon as you land on the map.

How many more FPS can we get by activating Performance Mode on  Fortnite ?

Epic has shared a  few cases to show how effective the Performance Mode rendering option is in terms of the FPS you can gain by enabling it.

A configuration with an Intel i5-8265U processor, 8 GB of RAM and an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card averaged 24 FPS before enabling Performance Mode, and 61 after doing so.

Another setup with an AMD A10-5745M CPU, 6 GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 8610G GPU had 45 FPS after activating Performance Mode by having 18 FPS before activating it.

The difference in low configurations seems to be substantial, and there is also a lot to be gained from the maximum configurations.

SypherPK's Performance Mode analysis  concluded that the performance boost was around 25-30%. The content creator had 500 FPS on average before activating the feature, and then between 630 and 690 after.

Tests were also done with a gaming PC with an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card and an I5-6600K processor, which confirmed SypherPK's results. What had 100 FPS on average in Team Rumble mode had reached 135 to 145 FPS after activating Performance Mode.

How to remove high resolution textures to get more hard drive space in Fortnite ?

If you like what you see in Performance Mode, that also means you don't need the high resolution textures anymore. These textures take up to 15 GB of space and it is possible to remove them to get more space on the hard drive. If you decide to go back to the rendering modes of DirectX 11 or 12, on the other hand, you will have to download them again.

  • Open the Epic Games client.
  • Go to your library and find Fortnite .
  • Click on the three dots to the right of Fortnite and choose Options.
  • Uncheck the box in the box next to "High Resolution Textures" and click Apply.
Open up your Epic Games Launcher and click on Library to locate  Fortnite. -  Screengrab via Epic Games
Click on the three dots right to  Fortnite . - Screengrab via  Fortnite
Choose options. - Screengrab via Epic Games
Remove the check inside the box next to “High-Resolution Textures.” - Screengrab via Epic Games
Click on Apply to remove the files from your installation folder. - Screengrab via Epic Games

This will reduce the file size to almost half on Fortnite , allowing you to install more games in the future.

Performance Mode aims to make Fortnite even more accessible by allowing it to run better on more PC setups around the world. If you notice that your screen has FPS between 144 and 240, you can also consider investing in a screen with higher FPS.

144 Hz and 240 Hz gaming screens will allow your screen to process information faster, which will allow you to have more FPS and react faster.

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