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Amazfit Bip U heart rate monitor: Measure stress and pulsations

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Today there is no doubt that exercising has become the daily thing for many people, since this helps to have a better physical condition and therefore health in most cases. With the arrival of smartwatches on the market , measuring different aspects of health and sports became something simple, since thanks to these devices we can see different records related to our physical activity directly on our wrist..



That is why below we explain how to activate and how the heart rate monitor works in the Amazfit Bip U , so that you can measure the stress level and the pulsations on your watch and later access these data easily and quickly. The steps you need to follow for them are as shown below.



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How to measure stress and pulsations Amazfit Bip U

Step 1

Enter the Zepp App on your mobile.




Step 2

The next thing you should do is enter the "Profile" section.




Step 3

Within "My devices" select "Amazfit Bip U" to continue.




Step 4

Then go to the "Health control" section.




Step 5

In the "Heart rate" section you can record these 3 aspects:


Heart rate monitoring throughout the day


From here you must establish how often you want the watch to record your heart activity..


Heart rate alert
In this section you can activate or deactivate a warning so that the watch vibrates when it detects an increase in heart rate without previous activity.


Active heart rate monitoring
From here you can activate or deactivate this function so that the detection of the heart rate is automatically increased when we perform physical activity and detect changes.




Step 6

From the “Stress” section we can activate the tab so that the clock detects the levels of stress during the day.





Step 7

To view the heart rate data, you must access the Zepp app home page and enter the corresponding section.




Step 8

You can measure stress by sliding 4 times from the main screen to the right and pressing "Measure"




Step 9

You can also view the heart rate data on the watch by swiping from the main screen to the right 2 times. If you want to measure your heart rate at the moment, click on "Measure".




Another option you have is to select a sphere that shows the heart rate on the main screen. By following the steps in this tutorial you will see how to do it.




In this simple way you can configure the heart rate monitor on the Amazfit Bip U and thus measure stress and heart rate with the watch.


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