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PlayStation 5's first big update brings more disk space and social features

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The PlayStation 5 console is set to receive its first big update since launching last November and that will include some big changes to disk space..

In a blog post, the PlayStation detailed the changes, the biggest of which is the addition of USB space for PS5 games.

This feature which was not previously available will allow users to conserve free disk space by moving games to a USB stick..

Even though you can store to USB now due to the PS5 using its internal SSD to run games, you won't be able to boot from USB. Instead, you will need to copy your files back to your internal SSD.

This update will also include some new social features for players on the PS4 and PS5. The generational split screen will now be available, giving PS5 users the option to cast their screens to PS4 users..

The ability to request to join a session is now available for PS4 and PS5 users as well, giving you a faster method of getting into-game with friends not to mention their respective devices.

There are a series of UI functionality in this update that will help the console's quality of life, the biggest one being the pre-downloadable updates for games while the PS5 is in sleep mode. .

The feature will also help you keep the latest available version of your games up to date as soon as you are ready to play.

A full list of what will be in the update can be found on the PlayStation Blog page. The update will be available to users worldwide from April 14.

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