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Smart Lock, or how Google saves the passwords of your applications

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It is not uncommon to hear things like "I forgot the password for this application" or "I forgot the password for this website." Google's Smart Lock function, a free alternative to LastPass,   1 Password  or  PasswordBox , is made for those of us who have trouble remembering the password for applications installed on Android and even web pages..

Smart Lock is part of the Google Play Services application on Android devices, which is capable of saving passwords that are entered in the phone applications and in the Google Chrome browser . When the user wants to re-enter that application or a web page (through Google Chrome), Smart Lock takes care of returning the password in that application or page, in such a way that the user does not have to retype it.


This system is even capable of logging in automatically , without any user intervention..

These passwords are stored in the cloud, in the Google account that is registered on the phone. This means that the user can carry their passwords or enjoy this function on other devices where they use the same Google account.

To manage the passwords saved in the Smart Lock system, you must enter the passwords.google.com page and log in with your Google account. Saved passwords can be viewed and deleted, as well as enabling or disabling Smart Lock and automatic login to applications and websites..


Smart Lock is available in the latest version of the Google Play Services or Google Play Services application. To confirm that it exists, open the Android application panel, choose "Google Settings" and verify that the "Smart Lock Passwords" option appears. There you can also manage its operation and, in addition to the aforementioned, you can also add applications and websites where you * DO NOT * want the password to be saved.


Because Smart Lock is a feature that must be implemented by developers, not all applications offer support for saving passwords on this system. Initially the only applications that supported Smart Lock were Netflix , New York Times, EventBrite, Orbitz and Instacart according to the Google developer blog , but after several years since its introduction, it currently has wide compatibility.

If you are concerned about saving passwords on Google's servers , you can configure a passphrase to encrypt this data so that Google "cannot see it." You can learn more about the passphrase on this support page .

Google Chrome for Android already had the option to save passwords for a long time ( Settings > Save passwords ) and it seems that Smart Lock respects this option of the browser.

Note : Although it has the same name, this Smart Lock function to save passwords, is not the same as the Smart Lock function whose objective is a smart screen lock depending on certain conditions and which is also a feature provided by the Google Play application. Services.

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